English Students Association IAI Al Qolam Malang

What is the ESA?

EGSORT (English Outdoor Activity) in Ledok Ombo, Poncokusumo

ESA (English Student Association) is an association, community or organization of English students department, which was established on October 10th, 2015. This organization is creative , active, and academic. ESA can accommodate aspirations and facilitate students English department to develop and Improve Their Reasoning, Interests, Talents in the field of English. On other hand, ESA is a forum for friendship among students English department.
ESA handles various activities such as Meet and Greet, Egsort (English Outdoor Activity), study club, ESA Anniversary and etc. if you want to know further about us…
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Author: Ifatun Nisak (the 5th semester student of English Department )
Editor: Budik Kusworo M.Pd
Photo by:  ESA draft

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