Home schooling

Education is very important in our life. There are many ways to take education, we can start education for childhood to adulthood. One of the keys education is learning. Learning can be anywhere. We can study at school (Formal and Non formal). Also, we can study at home or we usually know “Home schooling” or home education or home based learning. Learning at school and at home is a child education model that has a purpose of seeking goodness and exploring the optimal potential of the child and how to become a good human. But, there are fundamental differences in learning proses at school and at home. For example, curriculum. Formal school apply a more stringent curriculum because they are designed by educational experts and education minor and the ministry of national education. While homeschooling has a more flexible curriculum cause it can use curriculum at formal school or it can follow the curriculum from abroad or it can make a special curriculum it depend on to their need and interest of children. The role of parents. In the Formal school, the role of parents is not dominant. Education is carried out by system and the teachers. Therefore, the teacher plays important role for students because the teacher is a shadow of their life. Contras with homeschooling, the role of parents more dominant and it strongly determine the success of students. Let’s explore about home schooling.

Home Schooling or independent schooling or home based learning is an alternative educational method where parents choose to educate their children at home than in formal school. Everyone said “Home schooling is a method of learning that is carried out at home not at school where the teachers are our parents or supervisors.  But on the other hand, home schooling has advantages and disadvantages. So, let’s see the advantage and disadvantage of home schooling

The advantage of home schooling. Firstly, home schooling allows parents and children to work out a schedule that will best work for the child, the parents can choose anything the schedule that their want. Secondly, children can develop their talents, the parents can determine their own topic, time duration, learning style to according of their interest, abilities of learning style. As we know, every child has different talents and interest and the ability to process information. Therefore, home schooling learning method can be more optimal to develop the talents of child according their wishes and abilities. Thirdly, the child can enough rest, formal school routines that require children to arrive early and sometimes they come home to late in the afternoon, it can reduce children’s rest time. Therefore, sometimes they fall asleep in class during lessons. In contrast to home schooling the children who get longer rest time. So, they can follow the lessons given properly also they can be focus of learning process early. Fourthly, the parents can increase the association of children and the parents can be continue to develop during the learning process and   interaction of children who participate in home schooling. So that, children can avoid promiscuity while they are babies. The parent can control the association of children. It is very useful for parents to keep their child. Fifthly, Students can learn to relax, because students can set the time as they pleased. Because the principle of homeschooling, students are not burdened with the task as a public school. Usually the students do not wear uniforms like in public school. It cannot be bored for children style. Another advantages is flexibility in time and curriculum. With home schooling parents can set the curriculum around vacations, natural beauty etc.

On the other hand, home schooling has a many disadvantage. Firstly, homeschooling can spoil parent’s time cause home schooling need a lot of time in preparation. The parents have to research topic, prepare the lessons, set up the projects and the parents have to prepare personal notes for children. So, children do not forget the lessons that have been learned. This is a little inconvenient for parents because they have many activities, especially mother’s activities such as cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the house etc. Secondly, spend more time, we have to set a schedule and we have to arrange the time to study and do daily activities at home or work at the office.  Not only set a schedule but also the parents have to keep time their children. Secondly, Home schooling is expensive. Of course you are, when the parents do not have more time to teach their children. They have to pay more for teachers to teach their children. It will be more expensive than in regular school, in the regular school the teachers teaches several children at one time. In regular school there are many students. So it is comfortable for parents to pay this education of children. But, at home, they only teach one student because the teachers spend more time teaching one student than in regular school. So, teachers have to get paid more. The main effect of homeschooling on social life is the limited scope of children’s association and friendship. Homeschooling makes children’s social life limited because children only interact with the teaching staff and their parents than with friends studying in formal or regular schools.

Basically, everything has advantage and disadvantage thing it is depend on how we think about it. Maybe home schooling is useful when children need more attention, talent than others. So we should make sure that we understand all of the criteria involved the home education. Moreover, I prefer study education at school then at homeschooling because they can interact with others people.


Be Known! We Had Climate Crisis

source  picture by: Google

I’ve even seen some written form that says “Help our Climate Crisis”. I catch the meaning of this sentence which directly says that we need to help our nature. The pamphlet’s goal is to ask our help to save this planet to reduce extreme earth temperature.

In fact, a few years our planet’s weather condition is uncontrollable, sometimes hot then becomes hotter. From my explanation above we can call this as global warming then. Global warming is the increased level of earth temperature caused by the impact of the ‘greenhouse effect’. Greenhouse effect is the process when carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere and absorb sunlight and solar radiation that have bounced off the earth’s surface. We know that the gases should escape from the atmosphere but unfortunately the gases trap then makes the planet get hotter. Another aspect that can cause global warming is the burning of fossil fuels to make electricity is the largest source of trapping pollution. So when we feel so hot even the weather is cool we can say that it causes global warming or when we go to the mountain we feel hot it might be the cause of global warming. Try to check your browser and get the information from National Geographic for example. This organization gives us information about our earth starting from nature’s appearance until the information about life around us.

The important thing we must know is what are the impacts of global warming? Indirectly people who live in the city will feel the impact because they live in the area full of air pollution and also coexist with the huge building which uses AC (air conditioner). AC is another thing that can cause global warming because of its energy. Look at the city then compare with the land in the village. On the other hand, the air in the village is still fresh because they still have the trees and there is no air pollution. Actually the impact of global warming is felt across the globe like in Antarctica that has been losing about 134 billion metric tons of ice per year since 2002 (source from Google). Scientists are always learning more about the impacts of global warming and the result is our planet will change if we do not do something to prevent or at least reduce global warming. What are the other impacts of global warming? There are:

  •         Melting glaciers and early snow melt.
  •         Rising sea levels will lead to coastal flooding.
  •         The burning of agriculture and fisheries.
  •         Disruption of animal habitat then makes them go extinct.
  •         Allergies, asthma, and infection disease outbreaks will become more common due to the higher levels of air pollution, and the spread conditions favorable to pathogens and mosquitoes.

After knowing what are the impacts of global warming then how does the government do to reduce the impact of global warming? They try to compose alternative energy to reduce the carbon pollution. Besides, law affirmation must be enforced for wild forest loggers. Not government should announce the importance of saving the environment by using energy wisely. Globally, they should convey and give understanding to the people of the dangers caused by global warming.

Do we have a role to reduce global warming? Yes we have. We must be aware that global warming is a serious problem in front of us because we have felt the impacts. First, save the electric energy and use it wisely. Second, reduce air pollution by using public transportation if we want to go somewhere. Third, don’t disturb the sustainability of the environment like cutting down the trees or hunting animals. The last is to invite your friends to save our planet because this is our planet where we are born, grew up, feel love, and be grateful for God’s blessings.

Everything has to learn  starting from the basic, including learning English. English is quite complicated if the basic of understanding is not realy good, but if you understand correctly, English will feel much easier. So that’s  why, we can study from the basic to reliaze how to learn English. on other hand,  we need some proseses  to learn English because of everything needs proses not learning directly and you can talk like native Speaker . Yeach,  l know that l’m not a native Speaker who speaks  well but at least l can  speak English with my ability and even my own way.

Its  something that  l do everyday to widen my knowledge in making fluent in  English speaking  and l’m going to give you a few tips that you can do for daily activity…. I think there are four or five tips what usually  l do.For me, l think  becoming consistent -really better, you can start with  15/ 20 minute   a day to speak up or listening music , watch Vidio on yuotube, movie etc. There are a fee tips how to learn English well:

  1. Watch videos that actually enjoy for example you watching show in English you can use watch movie, music video klip, YouTubers English or even when you wanna watch how to native speaker talk in English  or something like that. It’s really add your information and improve your sense of speaking. So just enjoy it and you will get what you want
  2. Keep Vocabulary and phrases and record  every single day. After, you  watched video you can get new Vocabulary, after that write it for note in book.
  3. You can try to speak up with your self or you can invite your Friends to get a converciation. Don’t worry with grammar or structure, keep speaking up spontaneously.  when you know grammar although its a little, you can practice what you know .  trying to talk  with other people or you can try to speak up alone if you are still shy but you have to grow your self  confident i believe that  you can do it ….!
  4. You can practice speaking at any time  with anybody who wants to practice the language keep your consistency and insyaAllah you will get shift for this tips. 

    But all of this depend on your hard work. Because, everything depends on our self! We only need building our confidence  and do whatever  it takes , it’s for our own sake and our prayer for God Allah SWT….🤝