The Election of the General Chairman of IKAMABSI

The election of the general chairman of IKAMABSI (Indonesian English Language and Literature Student Association) on 25-26 June 2021 officially held the election of a general chairman at the national level. This general election is held in every two years at a university that has been appointed by the national-level IKAMABSI general chair election committee.


This year the election for the general chairman at the national level was held at the NU Sidoarjo University. This series of general election events was opened with an open meeting to elect delegates who would become candidates for general chairman.


In the open election, several regions proposed members to be delegated including Malang from IAI Alqolam, Probolinggo from Nurul Jadid Campus, and Surakarta from UIN Kalijaga.


As in the election in parliament, the delegates who advanced to become the candidate for chairman continued the next series of events, namely the debate. Where the content of this debate to deliver the vision and missionof the candidates. The purpose of this debate is to convince the audience about the vision and mission presented in the debate.


From the IAI Alqolam campus itself, Sinta Fatimah as a candidate and member of the English Tadris Students conveyed her vision and mission

Its vision is:1. Friendship

2. Relationship

3. Competetive

4. Progressive

While its mission is to establish good communication between campuses with one another, especially those with English language and literature majors.


In the voting, the delegates who passed were representatives from Malang and Probilinggo. The rest failed because there are conditions that have not been met. And in the voting, finally the Malang area, precisely the representative from IAI Alqolam, got the most votes with a difference of 4 points from the Nurul Jadid Campus.


Sinta Fatimah finally succeeded in occupying the position of national general chairman of IKAMABSI for the period 2021-2023 and brought the good name of IAI Alqolam, especially Tadris in English.

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