The Election of the General Chairman of IKAMABSI

The election of the general chairman of IKAMABSI (Indonesian English Language and Literature Student Association) on 25-26 June 2021 officially held the election of a general chairman at the national level. This general election is held in every two years at a university that has been appointed by the national-level IKAMABSI general chair election committee.


This year the election for the general chairman at the national level was held at the NU Sidoarjo University. This series of general election events was opened with an open meeting to elect delegates who would become candidates for general chairman.


In the open election, several regions proposed members to be delegated including Malang from IAI Alqolam, Probolinggo from Nurul Jadid Campus, and Surakarta from UIN Kalijaga.


As in the election in parliament, the delegates who advanced to become the candidate for chairman continued the next series of events, namely the debate. Where the content of this debate to deliver the vision and missionof the candidates. The purpose of this debate is to convince the audience about the vision and mission presented in the debate.


From the IAI Alqolam campus itself, Sinta Fatimah as a candidate and member of the English Tadris Students conveyed her vision and mission

Its vision is:1. Friendship

2. Relationship

3. Competetive

4. Progressive

While its mission is to establish good communication between campuses with one another, especially those with English language and literature majors.


In the voting, the delegates who passed were representatives from Malang and Probilinggo. The rest failed because there are conditions that have not been met. And in the voting, finally the Malang area, precisely the representative from IAI Alqolam, got the most votes with a difference of 4 points from the Nurul Jadid Campus.


Sinta Fatimah finally succeeded in occupying the position of national general chairman of IKAMABSI for the period 2021-2023 and brought the good name of IAI Alqolam, especially Tadris in English.

Tomboan Ngawonggo Tourism


On April 24, 2017, the youths in the Ngawonggo area, Tajinan sub-district, tried to preserve a site that had been discovered for a long time. The Ngawonggo site is a Patirtaan site which is claimed to be a place or means of worship and purification during the Kadiri and Singosari period according to the cultural heritage of East Java. On the other hand there are also opinions from historians if this site existed at the time of Mpu Sendok. Initially the aim of the youth in this area was to preserve the Ngawonggo site but due to the large number of visitors from various cities, the youth and residents of Nanasan formed a Tourism Awareness group to provide facilities for visitors to the Ngawonggo site.

On March 15, 2020 the Sadar Wisata group provided spices as a treat for visitors. These spices are transformed into various kinds of ‘tomboan’ or what we usually call herbal drinks ranging from roselle tea, secang, to a mixture of various kinds of spices such as ginger, cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass and cardamom which are taken from villages around the site. This effort is increasingly being made a priority for the preservation of the Ngawonggo site and as a means of empowering the communities around the site. In this case the Ngawonggo site is still in the status of not yet being inaugurated by the local government. So, the management of the Ngawonggo and Tomboan sites comes from the Asih Box results given by visitors. So visitors to the Ngawonggo site are free of entry fees and can enjoy the treats provided there by putting money as much as they want in the Asih Box. The treats provided there besides tomboan are various traditional cakes such as Gethuk, Cenil, Lopes, to heavy foods such as corn rice and botok. Here, the main ingredient of the treats provided is none of the originating from animals, so take it from plants.

Kotak asih (love box) is a facility provided by Sadar Wisata youth as capital or acquisition from visitors to this place. The part that provides the love box is the kitchen and parking area. The love box in the kitchen is a sign of gratitude for the treats provided, while the love box provided is in the parking lot as a token of gratitude for providing a place for visitor vehicles. The existence of this love box is not intended to take advantage of the tomboan tour because the visitors are considered as guests. So, as a good host, he must treat his guests as well as possible as if he were giving the real they deserved. However, as well as visitors (guests) must behave like guests, namely maintaining good manners, disposing of trash in its place and returning items that have been used to their original place such as glasses, plates and teapots.

The number of visitors to Tomboan tourism every day is around 100 people. However, if it is a holiday (Saturday and Sunday) the visitors can reach more than 100 people because many people are riding a pancal to stop by to taste the food and see the site. Visitors can visit tomboan tours at any time because these tours are open 24 hours. However, the treats can be sampled from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day except on Thursday because many of the treat providers have activities around their residence. The Ngawonggo site area consists of 6 different types of ponds for different levels. And on Friday nights, many visitors (local residents) bring offerings as a form of respect in the Ngawonggo site area. There is also a prohibition for visitors who are menstruating not to enter the site area.

Many people think that this place has received government intervention because it is seen from the history of the place, namely the relics of the Kadiri and Singosari kingdoms or Mpu Sendok. So, a place like this must be the government that manages it. In fact, this place has not been inaugurated and is still managed independently by the local community.

Milions thanks



Ifatun Nisak


The Great Seller VS Annoying Buyer

Once upon a time, There lived a Handsome man, He was name “Beny”. Beny was a professional person at work. He was a gasoline seller and he was a great seller so that he was always able to serve any kinds character of the buyer because he knew that buyers were kings and kings had to be treated well. There were many characters of buyer such as good customer , friendly , angry, event there was also annoying character.
One day Beny met annoying buyer. Beny called him annoying buyer. He wanna bought gasoline.
“Bro l want to buy gasoline” He said with cool buyer. ” Oh You want to buy gasoline but where is your motorcycle ? Said beny curiously. “Eeeeeey, Do you want to take my motorcycle ? Why did you ask where is my motorcycle?
Astaufirulloh, Lah bro what are you doing in here ? Said beny angrily.
” Lah l want to buy gasoline” Annoy answered the question with a little hardening sound
Oh may God yeach l see, but where is your motorcycle? Beny asked him again.
Lah its true, Do you want to steal my motorcycle? Annoy accused beny . “Astaufirulloh Heh, don’t accuse me! We can’t be Seudyon !”
“Hei bro the correct is seudzon!” Annoy said while laughing.
Hei you bro, You have worked with halal jobs, so please don’t steal anything! Its not good character.” Answer Annoy
“Heh there are people buying gasoline and carrying a motorcycle just now. Usually, people buying gasoline with his motorcycle, so where is your motorcycle? Asked Benny again.
Oh may goodness, Bro, Do people buy vegetables must carry a pan? So why l have to buy gasoline and bring my motorcycle ? Answer Annoy
of course you are, okey how much the price of gasoline ?
“Oh oke, Ten thousand” said Annoy while handing over a plastic bag to Beny. omg, Are you Sure? Give me plastic bag!
Yeach l am sure, so don’t ask me again.” His command with Beny.
Oh l see, Heh bro l have advice for you, *In this world there are three things hated by people namely ” dumb , bullshit, empty wallet.* The advice from Beny
Hahaha, okey bro but l am not like’ you are l am rich man , smart people and great person so please don’t judge me! Answered Annoy for Beny.

Eating Disorder ‘til Self Blaming

Top issue that was discovered just now is about how the girl adapted with social media. From social media, people can leave a comment in their platform which can cause the anxiety until serious problems such as suicide and stressed. What is the new problem? From the eyes is down to heart and from the words are down to feeling. Teenagers who use social media like Instagram or Twitter are having the problem that caused the bad and not supporting words left in their post. Currently, the effect of bad comments can make a new habit called eating disorder and self blaming.

Nowadays even though they have been aware of the danger of social media they are still scrolling up and down Instagram or Twitter. People tend to look and comment negatively with another achievement. But unfortunately sometimes they are using words like ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’ and many more. So, they are using words with what it looks like then they try to make someone nicer or aware with their body but in fact this is their fault. Then what is an eating disorder? According to Wikipedia an eating disorder is a mental disorder defined by abnormal eating habits that negatively affect a person’s physical and/or mental health. Types of eating disorders include binge eating disorder, where people eat a large amount in a short period of time ( see more While self-blame is a cognitive process in which an individual attributes the occurrence of a stressful event to oneself. The direction of blame often has implications for individuals’ emotions and behaviors during and following stressful situations ( From the definition above we know that two of current issues are the effect from negative income from other (social media users).

Often after accepting negative comments people feel underestimated and degraded. Finally they run into the way they feel comfortable with their stress and they can keep their problems without consulting or looking for another way like going out from the house or just talking with our close friend. Instead of looking for a consultant they prefer to trap with comfort zones through eating disorders and self-blaming. Eating disorder doesn’t only affect them physically but also mentally. In extreme cases, they’ve starved themselves, lost their weight but they are not satisfied. They still overthink about those hate comments.

Different case with self-blaming terms. People will blame themselves and ask “why am I born with this body likely and why am I fat, why am I skinny? Those questions always went on their head after a negative comment landed on their post with sensitive sense about body and other irrational standards about women and her beautifulness. 

  1. From this we can ask “does it cause our modern society where everything is offered from our hand (mobile phone)?” If you think so let’s give and appreciate people with polite, proper, and good words because we don’t know what others are going through. You might forget what you typed or commented, but it leaves a scar on their heart. Stop embracing unrealistic standards society made up because everyone is beautiful regardless of their size and condition. Whatever people look we should respect people’s passion and people’s choice to what they want to be and what they dream to.

Author : Izzatul Ilmi.






3 Ideas to learn English for lazy Beginners


I want to enjoy studying English like when I enjoy watching movies/listening to music/playing games/ having free time outside. Can I get an enjoyful way in studying English without feeling stressful, while I am so lazy to read books? Well, You can. Try these ways to boost your mood in learning English.Through these ways you can enjoyfully learning English at anytime, anywhere.

1.“Get the words from what you see”. It is quite simple. If you are null at English, try to get some of english vocabularies from anything surround you. Set your brain to understand anything in english words. Of course at first, you need dictionary. E-dictionary with enable speaker sounds great to help. Remember, do not try to memorize english word or translate it from your mother tongue. You just need your eyes and brain work collaboratively. ( Eg: everytime you see your mom and dad or cat and ball, let your brain say”mom”, “dad”, “cat”, “ball” and so on.Pretend yourself like a child who is learning speaking (words).Practice everyday!

2.“Correct pronounciation and learn expression from english movies/songs”. Youtube can be a good option. For beginners, listen to some of simple conversation from cartoon or simple english daily conversation videos, or else. Listen and repeat. Again and again.Be consistent!

3.“Find a supportive partner”.They can be english learners or even yourself.How can I talk to my self? Well, try to practice“role play” with your self while you’re alone . Pretend that you are as A then as B. Or say “hello, how are you?”..bla bla etc when you’re in front of mirror.The more you practice the more you understand. Always motivate yourself, be the best friend and motivator for your self!

Those all are pleasant and effective ways to learn English for a beginner. No books No memorizing.Just enjoy every moment you have.If you have other opinios and experiences. Please , share them with me by leaving your comments.


How do cigarettes affect the body?

In this days, we can easily find people who smoke around us whether it is regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes. But do you know what cigaretta is? A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing a psychoactive substance, usually tobacco, which is rolled into thin paper for smoking. Most cigarettes contain a “reconstituted tobacco” product known as a “sheet”, which is made up of a “stickrecycled [tobacco] sticks, scraps, leftovers, and floor cleaners, to which glue, chemicals, and fillers are added. The product is then sprayed with nicotine extracted from tobacco residue, and formed into curls.
The use of cigarettes is less in developed countries but different in developing countries from year to year the more the use of cigarettes is also made.
Cigarette has so many disadvantages but not just it cigarette has advantage also to the body.
the following advantage and disadvantage from cigarettes.
Advantages of smoking. First, peer group acceptance if peers smoke. Said the smokers if they become smokers they can also be accepted in their environment. No difference. They can become a unity in diversity. When they are accepted they can make good relationships with friendsother.
Second, effective weight loss aid. With smoking they can reduce the risk of obesity.
Third, increased performance in tasks that require. The more tasks they have, they can finish all the cigarettes too. Because these cigarettes can accompany smokers in carrying out their tasks.
Fourth, concentration. With this cigarette smokers get good concentration in doing their job and this will have an impact on the final result of the task.
Fifth, relieve stress. The smokers believe that while using cigarettes they can relieve the stress they have.
Sixth, some smokers really enjoy the taste. This is an excuse that is often cited by smokers. That is why smokers love cigarettes so much.
They like the taste. But, I think one of these cigarette formulas has nicotine. So, they can get addicted to this cigarette because of its nicotine content.
The disadvantage of smoking are much more.
First, cigarette smoke causes several diseases such as cancer it can be Lung Cancer, Throat Cancer,Oral Cancer,
and Many other cancers due to tobacco use
Second, asthma. Cigarette smoke can make smokers get asthma as well as interfere with breathing.
Third, decreased lung function. Smokers will lose their lung function due to smoking.
Fourth, decreased acceptance by non-smoker colleagues. We know that smoking has a lot of bad effects and some people don’t like people using cigarettes, especially in public places because it will also affect passive smoking.
Five, The smell of smoke left on the body and clothes. Cigarette smoke produces an unpleasant odor and will disturb some people around smokers.
Six, reduced ability to exercise due to inability to breathe. Smokers will have less ability to breathe if they are constantly smoking.
In essence, cigarette smoke has advantages and disadvantages. But it turns out that cigarette smoke has more disadvantages than just advantages. So, I hope that if you want to smoke, avoid public places because it will disturb others. Maybe cigarettes have some advantages but it must be remembered that cigarettes have more disadvantages. better avoid used cigarettes to maintain our health and others.
thank you
Ifatun Nisak

tips for building friendships in a new environment:

Are you shy, and find it difficult to build friendships.
Consider the following tips to make you more confident in building friendships in a new environment.

Here are tips for building friendships in a new environment:

1. Be confident, calm down, inhale and think positively to try to start a conversation early.
2. Look for new trends to start a conversation. if you don’t find it. So, try to ask about them.
3. Do not ask questions whose answer is inactive such as Yes or no. Try to make open-ended questions so that they tell about their activity like how …
4. After you have had a good conversation. you have to be a good listener not only be a listener but you have to focus more on them.
5. Use body language that shows how you interact with them. in addition, you should use eye contact to make your body language more meaningful.
6. try to frequently interact with other people. When you often interact with people, you will be confident and not feel nervous or insecure in front of new people in a new environment.

Every environment there are new people. New people give new experiences.
Try to make friends, share everything with each other and be meaningful. Hope it is useful😉.

 Thank you

Ifatun Nisak

Junk or Fast Food?

What is on your mind when you hear Junk Food? What is junk food? Why do people state that junk food is dangerous for our health? And why even though junk food danger for our body. people tend to choose Junk Food? According to Wikipedia Junk Food is a term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar and/ or fat with less protein, vitamins or minerals. From the definition, we can conclude that is why Junk Food is dangerous to consume regularly because of less of important nutrition for our body. In addition, Junk Food also called as a food trash. It means that what is the inside of Junk Food is unimportant for our health. When Junk Foods touch our tongue taste delicious but further the effect cannot be directly seen in short period. Junk Food is rich of cholesterol, sugar, calories and more. Instead of eating the dangerous food like Junk Food, we have to avoid that.

The millennial tends to choose Junk Food because of its fastest process and serve. It doesn’t take a long time to serve. Most important, Junk Food has become very accessible now, more than ever. With one of numerous food delivery apps, they can get Junk Food with a single click. Hamburger, Hot dog, Sandwich, Pizza and so forth are kinds of Junk Food. The main characteristic of Junk food is getting energy levels instantly. The regular habit in our society is to delay the breakfast hour. In the morning workers don’t have time to breakfast so, they think if they eat Junk Food will make them full than eat rice.

All of things in this world have the advantages and disadvantages include Junk Food. First thing that we would like to discuss is the advantages of Junk Food. Actually, the advantages of Junk Food are depend on the consumer and they needs. For example, if we have a moment or agenda like meeting, wedding, or other agenda we can serve Junk Food. The minimum process is needed for our important moment. The laziness which can come anytime might be the reasonable way to choose Junk Food. But, keep paying attention that “how often we consume Junk Food?” so serve it properly in your daily need.

In the other hand, Junk Food also has a disadvantages. In this prologue I’ve mentioned that Junk Food can cause many diseases because it’s component which rich of sugar and oil. Consequently, Junk Food that have 1000 calories or more can easily make you gain weight, which increases your chances of developing clogged arteries and high blood pressure. Several diseases cause of eating a lot of Junk Food are:
· Stomach related problem.
· Weakness and fatigue
· Tension
· Heart disease
· Bad effect on the brain (our memory starts weakening).
Those diseases can be felt recently but later can be known after our body get getting weak and it is going to be serious problem in the following time. Let’s take a chance to live better with consuming healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, and homemade meal. It is better than we just consume Junk Food all day. We must aware that our health is important. If, we are healthy automatically we can feel happy and always have super power to get through the days. One of researcher said that people who always happy are people who wise to choose what they eat and keep their healthy body by avoiding dangerous foods. Another researcher argued that we are what you eat. It means we become what we have eaten before. If we look so fat ask yourself “what foods do i eat every day? Do I eat healthy food enough?” let’s think about it again and decide what will you do after you get sick cause of consuming unhealthy food?

The Importance of Mastering Grammar for English Learners

Formal instruction on grammatical principles is frequently ignored by the modern educational system. Some teachers also claim that the strong emphasis of standardized tests on grammar is unjustified and stressful for students. However, the requirements must be interpreted by students in a language to understand grammar, because students are able to communicate easily, have faith, and learn a second language by mastering grammar.

Basically, communication proficiency requires comprehension and application of grammar and the use of the language’s proper vocabulary to express meaning in socially appropriate way. For example, during a thesis or thesis trial, for instance, we will face advisor and examiner. The lecturers would therefore be impressed and proud if we have strong communication skills.

In addition to good communication, we will have strong self-confidence. When students master grammar, they will have the courage to express themselves clearly. This is why grammar is such a difficult subject for many pupils. However, these obstacles have significant advantages. As overcoming challenges will increase the students’ trust in themselves.

Then, we implicitly learn a second language by mastering grammar. Since, we would have trouble learning a second language if we do not understand grammar in a language, or we term it as foreign language in Indonesia. As we know, every language has its own grammar rules. So, at least in our first language, we must have a grammar base, so that we can learn or understand grammar in the second or foreign language.


Author : Zainul Roziqin

Inauguration of English Student Assosiation 2021/2022 Period : Unstopable Step Forward

  1. “The key to organizational success is: Iman (faith), Ilmu (science), Institution, and Imam (leader).

These four things are very important it. So, keep these four things for your organization’s success. I think, the inauguration of department of English Student Association ( E.S.A) in IAI Al-QOLAM is the first step towards success above. I am sure, all of you have taken those four things about the succsess of an organization and this is a good first step with the election of new leaders. Zainal Arifin as Chairman of the Student Association of the English Student Association ( E.S.A) 2021- 2021 period .” The speech from the dean of tarbiyah faculty IAI Alqolam Mr. Muhammad Masykur Baiquni.

The inauguration of the management of the English Department Association was the first step in changes from the Covid 19 outbreak because during this outbreak lasted all stopped activities including. Therefore the previous management held (show) an inauguration of the management of the English Student Association (ESA) on February 23rd, 2021 with the theme *To make something special, we just have to beliave It special*. So, this event is the first step of a good change to maintain the activities carried out by the ESA. The event was attended by all English lecturers, Dean, seniors, the representative from SEMA (Senat Mahasiswa) and DEMA (Dewan Mahasiswa) and l did not forget all students English department.

Simple show but has great benefits with the election of new leaders with new experience and knowledge. Congratulation to Zainal Arifin and all the members of ESA period 2021- 2022 that you have choosen as new organizer on board . Hopefully, you could create any new innovation for better ESA and could find any solutions when any problem appears. So, Keep goin on guys. we absolutely count on you guys.



Author : Fatimatuz Zahro (English Department 6th semester student)