5 Of Ancestor’s Favourite And Effective Medicine Methods You Should Try

     A healthy body makes us free and comfortable to do various kinds of activities that we want. A healthy body condition has sufficient supply of energy and stamina that enabling us to move more actively, think more creatively and work more productively. Therefore, health is the most precious asset from Allah swt that we should maintain very well. Maintaining health can be done by consuming healthy and nutritious food and drinks in a balanced portion, applying a regular diet and exercise, keeping the body, clothes and environment clean from dirth, germs and bacteria that cause disease and even conducting a preventive theraphy if it is needed.

     Apart from natural factors and destiny, our negligence in maintaining health can cause us to get sick. In this modern era where technology develops highly sophisticated, including in medical field, many people take chemical medicine as a solution to the health problems they face. Chemical medicine is a treatment that involves chemical drugs made by factory machines that can be obtained from hospitals, pharmacies and some can be bought at stalls that sell drugs. It is absolutely right that chemical drugs are practical, have the potential to prevent and cure diseases and some are quite easy to obtain at affordable prices. Yet, there are some dangers chemical medicine has which really need to be considered. Among them are the use of chemical drugs really requires a doctor’s recommendation. Taking chemical drugs without clear recommendation and appropriate dosage from a doctor or health experts has the potential to cause excessive anxiety due to the side effects of chemical drugs, an underdose or overdose, even disruptions to the performance of the systems in the body such as the nervous and brain systems, digestive system, respiratory circulation system , blood pressure, and other disorders in internal or external organs of the human body. In a short term, mistakenly taking chemical drugs as a home remedy, especially chemical drugs with a relatively fast working system, can cause a high risk of death for the user. Meanwhile, in a long term, the habit of consuming chemical drugs can trigger the need for an increased dose due to viral or bacterial resistance from diseases that have been experienced before. The most dangerous thing is if the resistance is increasing continuously and requires the presence of new chemical drugs as an effective substitute, while the drug is still not found, in this case the patient will be difficult to get help.

“Seeing the society’s complaints about their health problems today which are increasingly diverse, this is quite different from the condition of ancient peole who did not know various kinds of chemical medicines. The majority of people in ancient times were known to have stronger physical endurance so they rarely got sick. This is because they were familiar with several traditional medicine system. That system does not only focus on treatment methods, but also on prevention methods. Here are 5 traditional medicine methods believed to be effective and loved by the majority of people in ancient times that I would like to recommend you.”

1. Body Scraping
Body scraping is a traditional medicine method which is done by putting eucalyptus oil onto the body skin (generally on the back and back side of the neck) then scraping it with a coin or spoon until the skin looks reddish. This method has been believed to be able to remove wind trapped in the body which causes people to ‘catch a cold’ and ‘chill’.

2. Massage
Massage is a traditional medicine method that is most popular and lovable method and oftenly practiced by most of people today, or perhaps throughout time. This method consists of several types. Each of type has different massage techniques and benefits. Beauty massage is useful for treating the beauty of the body shape by tightening the muscles on the face or other desired body parts. Relaxation massage can help soothe tense muscles to relieve stress or simply for relaxation. Relaxation massage can be enjoyed by anyone even pregnant women and babies. Yet, of course for two last mentioned, the technique used is a little bit different. Here the touch and massage pressure are super super gentle and extra careful. In addition, there is also massage for treatment. This massage usually uses certain methods to treat certain health problems, such as pinched nerve, nausea, fever and headache, sprained ankle and others.

3. Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is a traditional medicine method that use herbal concoctions taken from herbal plants in nature and some products of animal. The concoctions are very diverse depending on the type of benefits of the herbs needed.

Ginseng, for example, can boost immune system and increase energy. STMJ (milk-eggs-honey-ginger) is useful for increasing stamina. Temulawak is useful for increasing appetite in children. Galian Singset is able to slim woman’s body and lower cholesterol. Rose water can be used as a natural toner for facial skin. Camomile tea and ginger tea is useful for relieving menstrual pain. The antiseptic substance in a boiled betel leaf can treat various types of skin diseases ranging from acne to itching. Coconut water is commonly used for first aid in case of food poisoning. The concoction of rice and kencur is helpful for warding off free radical and relieving muscle aches. In addition, the result of research at the University of Tanjungpura Pontianak found that the phenolic substance in kencur rice concoction can prevent diabetes. Aloe vera can be used as a natural remedy for a simple ringworm case. Honey is a herbal product of bee that has lots of functions for various kinds of diseases. And there are still many others. A perception that herbal concoction is always taste bitter is not completely right. There are several herbal concoctions that are sweet and tasty such as honey, camomile tea, lemon tea, turmeric-tamarind, turmeric-milk, turmeric- beluntas and many others. Also, herbal medicine is not always to be consumed as internal remedy but some are beneficial to apply as a body wash such as boiled betel leaves or facial wash such as rose water or even to put on the skin as an ointment.

“These herbal concoctions has been believed to be effective in prevention and medicine methods for centuries. In addition, herbal medicine does not cause too many serious side effects, can be easily made at home and are environmentally friendly.”

4. Cupping or Bekam
Cupping or Bekam is a medicine technique that is done by heating small cups filled with certain herbal concoction then placing it onto the desired skin until the hot air in the cup feels cold. This technique is believed to be able to flush out toxins in the body, relieve aches and inflammation throughout the body and provide relaxation.

5. Acupunture Theraphy
Acupuncture therapy is usually done by inserting special needles into acupuncture points of the body. This technique is believed to be able to overcome various complaints such as lower back pain, high blood pressure, fertility problems, stress, etc.

“By looking at the dangers of chemical medicine as mentioned before and then the advantages of traditional medicine which has less risk of causing side effects, is more environmentally friendly and easier to make yourself at home than chemical medicine, this way can be an alternative solution for us to overcome the health problems we may face.”


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