5 Of Ancestor’s Favourite And Effective Medicine Methods You Should Try

     A healthy body makes us free and comfortable to do various kinds of activities that we want. A healthy body condition has sufficient supply of energy and stamina that enabling us to move more actively, think more creatively and work more productively. Therefore, health is the most precious asset from Allah swt that we should maintain very well. Maintaining health can be done by consuming healthy and nutritious food and drinks in a balanced portion, applying a regular diet and exercise, keeping the body, clothes and environment clean from dirth, germs and bacteria that cause disease and even conducting a preventive theraphy if it is needed.

     Apart from natural factors and destiny, our negligence in maintaining health can cause us to get sick. In this modern era where technology develops highly sophisticated, including in medical field, many people take chemical medicine as a solution to the health problems they face. Chemical medicine is a treatment that involves chemical drugs made by factory machines that can be obtained from hospitals, pharmacies and some can be bought at stalls that sell drugs. It is absolutely right that chemical drugs are practical, have the potential to prevent and cure diseases and some are quite easy to obtain at affordable prices. Yet, there are some dangers chemical medicine has which really need to be considered. Among them are the use of chemical drugs really requires a doctor’s recommendation. Taking chemical drugs without clear recommendation and appropriate dosage from a doctor or health experts has the potential to cause excessive anxiety due to the side effects of chemical drugs, an underdose or overdose, even disruptions to the performance of the systems in the body such as the nervous and brain systems, digestive system, respiratory circulation system , blood pressure, and other disorders in internal or external organs of the human body. In a short term, mistakenly taking chemical drugs as a home remedy, especially chemical drugs with a relatively fast working system, can cause a high risk of death for the user. Meanwhile, in a long term, the habit of consuming chemical drugs can trigger the need for an increased dose due to viral or bacterial resistance from diseases that have been experienced before. The most dangerous thing is if the resistance is increasing continuously and requires the presence of new chemical drugs as an effective substitute, while the drug is still not found, in this case the patient will be difficult to get help.

“Seeing the society’s complaints about their health problems today which are increasingly diverse, this is quite different from the condition of ancient peole who did not know various kinds of chemical medicines. The majority of people in ancient times were known to have stronger physical endurance so they rarely got sick. This is because they were familiar with several traditional medicine system. That system does not only focus on treatment methods, but also on prevention methods. Here are 5 traditional medicine methods believed to be effective and loved by the majority of people in ancient times that I would like to recommend you.”

1. Body Scraping
Body scraping is a traditional medicine method which is done by putting eucalyptus oil onto the body skin (generally on the back and back side of the neck) then scraping it with a coin or spoon until the skin looks reddish. This method has been believed to be able to remove wind trapped in the body which causes people to ‘catch a cold’ and ‘chill’.

2. Massage
Massage is a traditional medicine method that is most popular and lovable method and oftenly practiced by most of people today, or perhaps throughout time. This method consists of several types. Each of type has different massage techniques and benefits. Beauty massage is useful for treating the beauty of the body shape by tightening the muscles on the face or other desired body parts. Relaxation massage can help soothe tense muscles to relieve stress or simply for relaxation. Relaxation massage can be enjoyed by anyone even pregnant women and babies. Yet, of course for two last mentioned, the technique used is a little bit different. Here the touch and massage pressure are super super gentle and extra careful. In addition, there is also massage for treatment. This massage usually uses certain methods to treat certain health problems, such as pinched nerve, nausea, fever and headache, sprained ankle and others.

3. Herbal Medicine
Herbal medicine is a traditional medicine method that use herbal concoctions taken from herbal plants in nature and some products of animal. The concoctions are very diverse depending on the type of benefits of the herbs needed.

Ginseng, for example, can boost immune system and increase energy. STMJ (milk-eggs-honey-ginger) is useful for increasing stamina. Temulawak is useful for increasing appetite in children. Galian Singset is able to slim woman’s body and lower cholesterol. Rose water can be used as a natural toner for facial skin. Camomile tea and ginger tea is useful for relieving menstrual pain. The antiseptic substance in a boiled betel leaf can treat various types of skin diseases ranging from acne to itching. Coconut water is commonly used for first aid in case of food poisoning. The concoction of rice and kencur is helpful for warding off free radical and relieving muscle aches. In addition, the result of research at the University of Tanjungpura Pontianak found that the phenolic substance in kencur rice concoction can prevent diabetes. Aloe vera can be used as a natural remedy for a simple ringworm case. Honey is a herbal product of bee that has lots of functions for various kinds of diseases. And there are still many others. A perception that herbal concoction is always taste bitter is not completely right. There are several herbal concoctions that are sweet and tasty such as honey, camomile tea, lemon tea, turmeric-tamarind, turmeric-milk, turmeric- beluntas and many others. Also, herbal medicine is not always to be consumed as internal remedy but some are beneficial to apply as a body wash such as boiled betel leaves or facial wash such as rose water or even to put on the skin as an ointment.

“These herbal concoctions has been believed to be effective in prevention and medicine methods for centuries. In addition, herbal medicine does not cause too many serious side effects, can be easily made at home and are environmentally friendly.”

4. Cupping or Bekam
Cupping or Bekam is a medicine technique that is done by heating small cups filled with certain herbal concoction then placing it onto the desired skin until the hot air in the cup feels cold. This technique is believed to be able to flush out toxins in the body, relieve aches and inflammation throughout the body and provide relaxation.

5. Acupunture Theraphy
Acupuncture therapy is usually done by inserting special needles into acupuncture points of the body. This technique is believed to be able to overcome various complaints such as lower back pain, high blood pressure, fertility problems, stress, etc.

“By looking at the dangers of chemical medicine as mentioned before and then the advantages of traditional medicine which has less risk of causing side effects, is more environmentally friendly and easier to make yourself at home than chemical medicine, this way can be an alternative solution for us to overcome the health problems we may face.”


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Social Media

Hello good people , it’s me… Thoyyibah 🙂

And on this occasion i will discuss social media

Social media is an online media that makes it easy for its users to conduct social interactions online. Social media is a tool that is becoming quite popular these days because of its user-friendly features. There they can communicate, network, share, and many other activities. Social media that are often used today are Facebook,  Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and so on. And i think social media has become such a huge part of our lives now that we literally cannot imagine a life without it. A lot of the apps that we use on smartphones are designed to be addictive.

And now we will see the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Advantages of social media

When we look at the positive aspect of social media, We all know that social media has many advantages. The most important being a great device for education. All the information one requires is just a click away. Students can educate themselves on various topics using social media. Using online social networks in the educational process has been supported by several educational technology researchers, who have emphasized the benefits of technologies. Rising of social networking sites, and a general interest in students have attracted attention to the use of internet tools to develop distance education.

Worldwide connectivity, We have the chance to connect with others and share information through social media. It’s the communication that brings us all together, and it’s easily accessible.

Online marketing, We can build a relationship with your customers that makes them more likely to use your services. You can get the feedback right away.

Information spreads fast, All important things such as major news events, missing person, weather information, etc. can cover in the world in a moment.

It lets us share anything with others, Instead of convincing a publishing company, social media allows artists to satisfies a million people and keeps creative control for themselves.

It helps you to achieve your goals, If your objective is to be healthier, joining a group with the same purpose and making long-distance friends help keep you accountable can go a long way towards making those goals a reality. Encouragement and support are crucial, and Social Media can help with that.

If there are advantages of social media there are disadvantages too.

Disadvantages of social media

Privacy problems, Sharing your online location or getting in trouble at work because of tweeting something inappropriate or sharing too much with the public can cause you some issues that sometimes can’t ever be solved.

It changes lifestyle habits, and it is sleep disruption, Since using a social network is all done on some computers or mobile devices, it can sometimes motivate too much sitting down in one place for too long. Staring into the light from a computer or phone screen at night can negatively affect your ability to get a proper night sleep.

Reduces Family Intimacy, Texting, Facebook, Twitter, etc. separate us from our families more than we actually think it does. When a family is spending family time together and watching a movie, in reality, most children are on their phones rather than watching the film with their parents.

” Social media changed our life so much. Our life became more convenient because social media is a very useful tool for us in this era, it could help us to improve our life. However, we have to aware of how we use them. Excess use of anything is harmful and the same thing applies to social media . If we could use the social media smartly, having social media will become a good change for us. It all depends on the user at the end.”

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is a global wide area network that connects computer systems around the world. Currently, the internet is one of the sites or things that are most popular and often used by people in the world because the internet provides many things that are needed by humans such as information, education, advertising, entertainment and there are many things we can do. . searching through the internet besides the internet also contains several drawbacks and the following advantages are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Internet excellence. we always know the latest research sources and know the latest information and trends on the internet, we can communicate easily with other internet users. We can communicate well without having to meet face to face, the internet provides a lot of entertainment such as games, videos, movies, etc., the internet makes it easy for you to do activities such as shopping. You can buy whatever you want and need without leaving your home.

But on the other hand. And internet also has several weaknesses that can be called the negative side of the internet for its users. waste of time. Many people just sit at a computer or cellphone to use the internet. They neglect their health and those around them. This will have an impact on their health such as obesity and insensitivity to the environment, the internet is a dangerous place for children because they can access anything without any restrictions. So, parents must provide extra supervision to their children. So they don’t see websites they shouldn’t, the internet is making users wasteful because they can buy anything on the internet without thinking. In this activity, they use credit cards as a substitute for cash to buy what they want whenever we want whenever and wherever.
And the internet has advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. The internet makes life easier but we also have to be wise in using the internet. So we are not addicted to the internet. must be able to measure how much we need from the internet. still have to know the state and our level to use the internet.
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Homeschooling is a model of education or learning activities that are carried out outside the school area, either as a colleague or family or community where homeschooling itself is carried out. Another term that refers to homeschooling is home education, home-based learning, or independent schooling. Homeschooling is carried out in accordance with the abilities, needs, and potential of the students themselves. Many people define and define homeschooling, while according to Kak Seto Mulyadi as the Chairperson of the National Commission for Children, the emergence of homeschooling as an alternative needs to be proven successful as a competition appeal process through the non-formal system.
Homeschooling is usually designed in such a way so that children feel happy, comfortable, and feel free from learning so that they can achieve optimal results.
The following are some of the Pros of Home Schooling:
• Give more independence and individual creativity and not classical learning.
• Providing opportunities to achieve individual competence as much as possible, so that it does not always have to be limited to comparing it with the highest, average, or even low ability.
• Protected from outside relationships that deviate from good morals, and also in terms of food is more preserved and guarantees vitamins and nutrients.
• Helping children develop to understand themselves and their roles in the real world with freedom of opinion, rejecting or agreeing on certain values ​​without having to feel afraid of being criticized by friends or having low values.
• More opportunities for individual independence and creativity that are not found in the general school model.
• Maximizing children’s potential from an early age, without having to follow the standard time set at school.
• Are more ready to engage in the real world because the learning process is based on daily activities around them.
• Students also further develop their talents.
• Ability to get along with parents and of different ages.
• The cost of education can adjust to the circumstances of the parents.
Apart from the advantages or advantages of homeschooling, the following are the disadvantages of homeschooling, namely:
• Children who learn to homeschool do not interact with many friends of the same age or peers from various social statuses which can provide experiences for living in society.
• School is a unique place of learning that can train children and compete in achieving the highest ability and success.
• Homeschooling also affects individual development.
• Homeschooling is also likely to make children less prepared to face mistakes and uncertainties in the social environment. It can also be called socializing in the outside world.
• Very Need also high involvement from parents.
• Socialization for age is relatively low because homeschooling is more relevant for cross-age socialization, while school children are more relevant for age-old socialization.
• There is a lack of ability to work in teams, organizations, and leadership.
• Children also do not get adequate facilities like formal schools in general.
• Parental protection can have a side effect of being unable to resolve unpredictable or unexpected social situations and problems.


Assalamualaikum wr wb, hi readers, meet again with me luluk syifa, this time my writing assignment is about traditional health.  Ok, just get on with it.




When talking about health, health is the most important thing in our life, but we often forget it.  This is in accordance with what the Prophet Muhammad SAW said.  From Ibn Abbas said from Rasulullah ﷺ, “نِعْمَتَانِ مَغْبُونٌ فِيهِمَا كَثِيرٌ مِنَ النَّاسِ ، الصِّحَّةُ وَالْفَرَاغُ” which means: “Two pleasures that most people often forget and neglect.”  (HR. Bukhari).

In essence, health is more expensive than property, because in reality no one wants to be given gold as big as the Himalayas, but on the condition that a healthy eye must be gouged out.  Not only that, another proof that health favors are more expensive than property, is that someone who is sick will be willing to pay any amount for his treatment so he can recover from his illness.  (KESEHATAN HANYA MAHKOTA YANG HANYA BISA DILIHAT OLEH ORANG YANG SAKIT)


Every human being will definitely feel pain, which is a condition in which the metabolism in the body does not work properly.  However, even though an illness is an unpleasant condition, as Muslims, we don’t have to complain much, because complaining too much is part of the syaithan temptation.  And according to Firesta Farizal, M.Psi., A psychologist “The pain that is felt by each person is also different and cannot be measured from one person to another because the pain felt by each human being is subjective so that the resulting response will be different.  Different for everyone, ”


When we feel pain, surely we will try to treat the pain somehow. And what is often done when we feel pain is to take medicine.  The alternative that is most often used is drug stalls because many people are lazy to go to the doctor if the complaints that come are mild and prefer to take over-the-counter drugs, or commonly known as drug stalls.  Most of the OTC drugs only treat the symptoms of the disease that arise and do not cure the root of the disease.  These OTC drugs are usually marked with a green circle with a black outline on the package.


Side effects of chemical drugs,  The habit of taking over-the-counter medicine too often and for a long time will be very dangerous for the body.  Often times those who take over-the-counter drugs do not know the exact level or dose.  Not a few people have died due to an overdose, due to taking over-the-counter drugs in excessive doses.  Medicines that are taken continuously for minor illness can make you addicted to the drug.  If your body is used to it, when you are sick and you don’t take the same medicine, your body will feel uncomfortable.  Drugs taken mostly only treat symptoms, not a real disease.  The real cause of the disease will not go away until you consult a doctor.


Some of the risks of disease that will strike if you take the drug excessively include:

  • Kidney damage due to chemicals in drugs (hepatocyte).
  • Irritation of the digestive system (stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).
  • Changes in body temperature, blood pressure, pulse and heart rate.
  • Respiratory tract disorders (chest pain, shortness of breath).
  • The skin becomes hot and dry, or cold and clammy
  • Vomits blood or bloody stool.
  • In severe cases, can result in a coma and death.


But we as Indonesians who are famous for our diversity can produce various kinds of traditional medicines.  According to the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM), Traditional Medicine (OT) is an ingredient or an  ingredient in the form of plants, animal parts, minerals, or a mixture of these ingredients that is used from generation to generation for treatment.  Traditional medicine is also often called Natural Medicine (OBA).


The virtues of herbal medicine include:

  1. Herbal medicine does not cause side effects, because it is made from natural and complex herbs.

Herbal remedies are very effective for diseases that are difficult to treat medically.

  1. Herbal medicine is curative, meaning that it is really healing because the treatment is at the source of the disease. Based on some research that has been done by experts, herbal medicine is very suitable for health problems, especially chronic and degenerative diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, rheumatism, asthma, the spread of cancer cells, tumors, and others.
  2. Herbal remedies are more affordable and easy to make because herbal medicine is a medicine that comes from nature itself, so the price tends to be cheaper than chemical drugs.
  3. Besides that, herbal medicines are also very easy to make, because in making herbal medicines you do not need to use sophisticated tools and technology.
  4. Usually, herbal medicines are processed by boiling, pounding, or mixing with other herbal ingredients with certain compositions.
  5. The main reason is due to the nature of traditional medicinal ingredients which are natural so that they can be digested by the body.


So, for readers, if they experience complaints of illness, don’t rush to take chemical drugs, but it would be better to use the spices around the house, such as:


🍁Turmeric, According to Professor Amir Soebandrio, Director of the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, the curcumin content in turmeric in general can improve body health.  “Because there are several studies that curcumin has effects such as reducing inflammation, some say the antioxidant effect, it is all in essence to improve health, endurance.


🍁 Ginger, you can use ginger to help maintain endurance.  “The ginger in  a compound in ginger can be used for anti-inflammatory or flu, inflammation, as well as some antioxidants in spices for body immunity,” said Professor Dodik Briawan, IPB community nutritionist.

Simply boil a few segments of ginger,  then drink the boiled water.  Apart from providing a warm effect, ginger can relieve coughs and relieve nasal congestion due to colds.

At first glance, I can share with you.  May be useful


Trash is defined as solid, disalcum, undesirable, and discarded. We still think that garbage is a trivial item and throw it away as we please wherever we are. It is not uncommon for us to see road users casually throwing garbage in front of the merchandise without feeling troubled. On the side of the road is a pile of garbage that resembles a small mountain, scattered. In the trenches are also seen full of various kinds of garbage. From this incident it can be said that the community has not realized that the waste dumped has an impact on public health and cause squalo.

In ancient human life, garbage has not been a problem. But with the increasing population with fixed space, the more days the problem of garbage becomes bigger. This is evident from the changing modernization of life and the development of technology in which human activity is increasing. The more diverse activities, various types of waste produced, especially garbage coming from housing. In a sense this waste is produced by locals who carry out the disposal of the remains of the goods or products they have used. Waste consumption is waste produced by humans as users of goods.

In connection with human activities, the problem of waste will be related, both in terms of social, economic, and cultural. The health of a person or society is a social problem that is always related between the components that exist in society.

If it can be secured, waste will not be a potential effect on the environment. However, managed waste is not in a place that guarantees environmental safety. It has an impact on public health, the environment becomes rundown, and appeals to a variety of animals, such as flies and dogs, that can carry diseases. Potential health hazards that can be posed such as diarrhea, cholera, typhoid and fungi can spread quickly, because unmanaged garbage can mix with drinking water and spread disease viruses.

Liquid seepage garbage can enter the drainage or river and will pollute the water. Various organisms in the water, including fish, can die. More extreme, some aquatic species may vanish and result in changing biological aquatic ecosystems. Waste dumped into the water will produce organic acids and organic liquefied gases such as methane. In addition to smelling unpleasant, in high concentrations of gas (methane) this can explode. Surely it can harm the wider community.

It is not uncommon for existing garbage to fill the trenches around the house, causing flooding. The rainy season becomes an unpleasant season for the community, especially in dense settlements. The trenches are no longer able to drain water to the maximum, because it is blocked by piles of garbage. This resulted in unstoppable rainwater and the memory of the yard. Existing puddles carry an unpleasant smell, as well as kill the grasses in the yard and other open spaces.

When viewed in some areas, this incident of littering often occurs in urban areas. The question is whether the villagers are better behavior than the towns community?

The City Without Slums Program (Kotaku) is not only physically intervention but also social, economic and cultural / behavior of the community. Therefore, it is necessary to make efforts to prevent slums. Do not let then slum 0% (based on the current area) but instead appear new slums in other areas. Of course, tactical and sustainable measures are needed by all components of society for the sake of human survival.

It’s time for a change in waste management to be made. Waste management means the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, or disposal of waste. Good waste management can certainly reduce its negative impact on health, environment, and beauty, in addition to being a slum prevention.

District/city governments can take appropriate policies to deal with existing waste problems. The waste problem is a very urgent issue and should be a priority of the district / city government. The involvement and support of the whole community is certainly important for the realization of government programs. Government policy can be in the form of allocating existing waste in the district / city to a suitable place. The appropriate place should be far from the settlements of the inhabitants. The distance of the trash can with the source of clean water should also be a concern, because the garbage that is thrown away can contaminate the source of clean water. Various diseases can be caused by contaminated water sources, such as abdominal pain. And, last but not least, trash cans should be far from agricultural areas and plantations. Non-biodegradable decomposed waste can cause solid soil and cover the soil surface. Both of these reduce soil fertility so that agricultural areas are no longer able to produce well.

In addition, burying waste is one way in waste management. This method is very popular in all parts of the world. Burial of garbage can be carried out in abandoned soil, mining pits, or natural pits. A well-managed burial site produces a hegenis and inexpensive dump. Garbage burial avoids contact with the atmosphere layer. Directly exposed waste can cause unpleasant odors, unintractive landscapes and nests for different types of microorganisms and makrorganism causes and carriers of diseases.

Special organic waste can be used as an environmentally friendly organic fertilizer (biological processing). Biological substances can be plant substances, food waste or paper. One example of waste management using composting techniques is the Green Bin Program in Toronto, Canada. That is, household organic waste, such as kitchen waste and plant pieces, is collected in special bags for composting.

Changing existing organic waste can bring its own advantages. Fertilizers derived from organic waste can be used for personal purposes, even for sale. Organic fertilizer material is very easy to get, and this fertilizer is famously environmentally friendly. Non-organic waste such as bottles, and used cans can be used as useful things with a touch of art. With his creativity, people can create artificial flowers with plastic and used pipettes and use used cans for their pots. There are also many toys that can be made from non-organic waste such as cans and bottles, for example to make a toy-making car. In short we can turn existing garbage into items that have artistic value and even selling value.

Author: Amirudin (the 5th semester student of English Department )


Traditional Health

Health is the most valuable treasure for us. Even though we have abundant possessions but we are sick, we will not be able to enjoy these treasures. Health itself consists of physical health and mental health. Physical health is when our bodies do not have diseases or injuries due to certain diseases. While mental health is health related to our souls. Mental health is usually related to a person’s mental condition that is disturbed or just fine. There are several things we can do to maintain our physical and mental health. First, exercising, maintaining endurance, and strengthening our immune system so that getting sick is not easy. Second, eat healthy foods to make our bodies not malnourished and stay healthy. The third is sufficient rest to ensure that our bodies are not tired and that our immunity stays stable. Meanwhile, we should refresh our minds by walking or visiting tourist sites to improve our mental wellbeing, so that we don’t get overwhelmed.
Most people are stricken with diseases during this pandemic. Most of them get ill because they are not healthy enough to fend off the incoming virus with their immunity. One of the major reasons is the immune deficiency in warding off this disease because they feel afraid of contracting the disease so that they feel overwhelmed and decrease their immunity in warding off the disease. Chemical medicine is the quickest alternative to the treatment of someone’s condition in this modern age because chemical drugs have a quicker response to pain relief, chemical drugs are much easier to access because they are readily available in pharmacies or other drugstores. Chemical medicines, however, have harmful effects that many people do not realize, such as long-term use, which would make our bodies suffer from new chemicals-induced diseases. Kidney disorders, damage to the liver, and many more are diseases that can be caused by chemical medicines.
Besides chemical drugs, there are herbal medicines which are medicines which if taken in the long term, are safe for human consumption because herbal medicines are made naturally with natural ingredients taken from nature. The herbs that we sometimes encounter are jamu. Jamu is a herbal medicine that is very useful for us so that we are not susceptible to disease in order to maintain health. Besides that, it can also increase immunity by consuming herbal medicine, because there are natural ingredients in herbal medicine that can increase our immune system.
So it can be concluded that for someone health is very important. And that can be achieved by exercising, maintaining a diet, and taking medication or vitamins to improve the health of our bodies. Herbal medicine is one of the natural medicines that we must consume and without any adverse side effects, herbal medicine has had good properties since time immemorial. Jamu is a herbal medicine that does not cause dangerous side effects such as chemical drugs that are widely consumed today. So start taking herbs for our health and reduce chemical drugs.


For young people, schooling is a must to make it easier for them to reach their goals. There are several educational styles we can introduce in this modern age, one of which is homeschooling. Homeschooling is a learning approach that is carried out at home, not at school, where our parents or superiors are the teachers. There are the rewards and excellence of the village in homeschooling. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling are shown below.

The advantage of first homeschooling is that it makes it easier for parents to supervise children’s interactions, because parents can control their children to hang out with anyone, thereby reducing the risk of children making wrong interactions. Secondly, learning will be more optimal and effective because students will focus more on learning and the teacher can determine the learning model that suits the child’s wishes so that he does not feel bored and can be comfortable with the learning model he is following. The three children will get adequate rest after they learn. It’s different from studying at school because sometimes after a day of schooling at home they are also required to study because they have homework to complete. Fourth, avoid promiscuity, because parents can supervise children in choosing a playmate. Fifth, parents can maximize or see the potential of their children from an early age, without having to follow the rules set in public schools.

The disadvantage of homeschooling is that the first child will be less reliable with peers. where when studying at school they can easily be counted with peers because many friends can be invited to play during recess. Second, the child will materialize from a bad social environment so that he will not be ready to deal with and uncertainty in the community environment. Third, the child will have difficulty working with teams, organizations, and leadership because he or she is accustomed to learning alone and only accompanied by parents or a teacher.

It can be inferred from the analysis above that homeschooling has a good positive effect on the education and growth of children since they are accompanied directly by their parents. But it also has a detrimental effect on the social growth of children in approaching the future culture, engaging with peers of the same age, and working in teams together.

advantages and disadvantages of social media

At least, everyone has one social media account in this era. it shows how important social media is in the life of modern society. hence, it is not wrong if we think that social media is part of our life. However, Everything in this world must have advantages and disadvantages, because perfection belongs only to our god. Therefore, a user of social media has to be able to use it well and wisely. Therefore, I will explain some advantages and disadvantages of social media.


Social media has some advantages such as Communication, Connectivity, searching information, and education. In communication and connectivity, Social media helps us to communicate more easily with other people. Regardless of location, wherever you are we can easily be connected with other people. As we can see, social media has various communication features, such as an online chat feature or even a Video Call feature. You have a much more comfortable and much better way to connect with other people using this feature. The other one, social media can also be used for free. then, Social Media can be used for searching and get information faster and easier. For the most part, posting on a social media platform is shorter than a website or blog. Meaning, social media is more direct-to-the-point, you can easily understand it by only reading it once. Besides, if the media used on social media to share information is video. This will give you information that is easier to understand. You as a social media user can also use this advantage to share useful information with others. and the best advantage from social media, we can learn various things, one of which is education. Currently, many schools and educational institutions provide their services using social media. You can use it to communicate directly with your teachers and peers. You can learn what you do in class. Moreover, you can also use this method anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.


However, just like anything else in this world, that everything always has advantages and disadvantages. So that social media as well. Here I will describe some of the disadvantages of social media according to my understanding. The first thing that happens most often is hoaxes on social media. The feature that is easy to share also allows irresponsible parties to share false or hoax information. Some of them even do that consciously to create chaos and even damage others. The bad thing is, this kind of information can easily and quickly spread. Most social media users find it easier to believe what they read on social media. Without proper comparison, check and find out the truth. then social media makes us in addiction and dependent.  because there are so many advantages, convenience, and comfort in communicating, searching for information, and having fun with social media, many people have become too dependent on social media. The result is social media addiction. It feels like if you are not online or don’t see what’s going on social media for even an hour, something is missing in your life. Many people experience this condition. They even admit that they cannot live without social media, so social media causes us to be less social in real life.

from the review above we can understand that social media can be useful for us if we can use social media in positive ways such as in the education process, online business, and others. but if we can’t use social media properly it will harmful to us. Because in social media many negative things can damage our mindset and some websites are not good for us. therefore, we as a good human, we must be able to use social media properly and wisely

Violence Punishment


Hello everyone, welcome back with me Ifatun Nisak from fifth semester English Education Department Islamic institute Al Qolam Malang.  On  this occasion I will write a little of my opinion about “violence punishment “ to fulfil my writing task . So, check it out.


In every institution there are rules that must be obeyed. Actually, the rules were made to make us even more disciplined. However, sometimes some people do not obey the rules. Therefore, they have to bear the consequences namely they must get the punishment that must be accepted. The consequences can be learning or violence punishment . On this occasion I will share my opinion on the violence punishment. As we know, violent punishment has both advantages and disadvantages. Strengths and weaknesses of violent punishment as follows :


First, there are some parents who do not accept that their child is punished by violence. When their children get punished for violence. Then, they will report this incident to the police as a form of human rights. Second, it will cause bruises. The effect of violent punishment is bruising. This will make children feel less sick with the violent punishment. In fact, sometimes children fall ill from the effects of punishment cruel like wounds on several parts of their bodies.Third, trauma. Children will feel excessively traumatized by the effects of violent punishment. They are afraid to return to the institution because they remember the violent punishment they have endured. Fourth, a bad point of view. Violent punishment will create a bad perspective in the environment around the institution. Society will think that the institution is too strict and harsh on its students. As a result, the child will find it difficult and less enjoy the learning process in class. When children do not enjoy the learning process in class, they will not receive knowledge well .


In addition, violent punishment has the power to make children a better person than before. First, motivation. Violence punishment can motivate children not to repeat the same mistakes and become better people and obey the rules. In addition, other children will also be motivated not to break the rules because they know what will happen if they break the rules. Second, discipline. Violence punishments will make children more disciplined than before. Moreover, other children will feel afraid and more disciplined. So, the children will obey and not break the rules. Third, understand. As we know, rules are made to make children better. When children break the rules, they get punishment for violence. Someday, they will understand why the institute board makes rules and know the advantages of these rules. Sometimes the benefits of regulation can not be felt right away but can be felt at a later date the benefits. Fourth, shame.Violent punishment will make children feel very embarrassed because others will find out if they are not following the rules. This shame will affect them well into the future because violent punishment will make us realize they will feel the consequences of everything they do. Fifth, responsibility. Violent punishment lets children know that they are held accountable for everything they do. It will be useful for them in the future because they will be more careful in doing something. They will think about the impact of what will happen. Sixth, lessons. Violence punishment teaches children a lesson because they will know that they can not  do anything on their own. So, they can control themselves and do not do anything that will harm themselves.


From all these explanations, we can tell if violent punishment has strengths and weaknesses. But, in fact in the current era it will be difficult to practice violent punishment in institutions because they will be related to human rights. This is different from the past era . Where violent punishment becomes a force to make people better and useful in the future. In essence, I think we can still carry out the punishment by force but based on the situation. if we find new students not obeying the rules, we should not punish them with violence because they are still in the process of adapting to their new environment. But, if it is the old students who break the rules we can use violent punishment to give them a sense of deterrence. Where they already know the environment and regulations in their institution. I think that is all. thank you very much for your attention to have read my writing on this topic until the end.  see you in next time and Have a nice day….