The Great Seller VS Annoying Buyer

Once upon a time, There lived a Handsome man, He was name “Beny”. Beny was a professional person at work. He was a gasoline seller and he was a great seller so that he was always able to serve any kinds character of the buyer because he knew that buyers were kings and kings had to be treated well. There were many characters of buyer such as good customer , friendly , angry, event there was also annoying character.
One day Beny met annoying buyer. Beny called him annoying buyer. He wanna bought gasoline.
“Bro l want to buy gasoline” He said with cool buyer. ” Oh You want to buy gasoline but where is your motorcycle ? Said beny curiously. “Eeeeeey, Do you want to take my motorcycle ? Why did you ask where is my motorcycle?
Astaufirulloh, Lah bro what are you doing in here ? Said beny angrily.
” Lah l want to buy gasoline” Annoy answered the question with a little hardening sound
Oh may God yeach l see, but where is your motorcycle? Beny asked him again.
Lah its true, Do you want to steal my motorcycle? Annoy accused beny . “Astaufirulloh Heh, don’t accuse me! We can’t be Seudyon !”
“Hei bro the correct is seudzon!” Annoy said while laughing.
Hei you bro, You have worked with halal jobs, so please don’t steal anything! Its not good character.” Answer Annoy
“Heh there are people buying gasoline and carrying a motorcycle just now. Usually, people buying gasoline with his motorcycle, so where is your motorcycle? Asked Benny again.
Oh may goodness, Bro, Do people buy vegetables must carry a pan? So why l have to buy gasoline and bring my motorcycle ? Answer Annoy
of course you are, okey how much the price of gasoline ?
“Oh oke, Ten thousand” said Annoy while handing over a plastic bag to Beny. omg, Are you Sure? Give me plastic bag!
Yeach l am sure, so don’t ask me again.” His command with Beny.
Oh l see, Heh bro l have advice for you, *In this world there are three things hated by people namely ” dumb , bullshit, empty wallet.* The advice from Beny
Hahaha, okey bro but l am not like’ you are l am rich man , smart people and great person so please don’t judge me! Answered Annoy for Beny.

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