Eating Disorder ‘til Self Blaming

Top issue that was discovered just now is about how the girl adapted with social media. From social media, people can leave a comment in their platform which can cause the anxiety until serious problems such as suicide and stressed. What is the new problem? From the eyes is down to heart and from the words are down to feeling. Teenagers who use social media like Instagram or Twitter are having the problem that caused the bad and not supporting words left in their post. Currently, the effect of bad comments can make a new habit called eating disorder and self blaming.

Nowadays even though they have been aware of the danger of social media they are still scrolling up and down Instagram or Twitter. People tend to look and comment negatively with another achievement. But unfortunately sometimes they are using words like ‘ugly’, ‘fat’, ‘skinny’ and many more. So, they are using words with what it looks like then they try to make someone nicer or aware with their body but in fact this is their fault. Then what is an eating disorder? According to Wikipedia an eating disorder is a mental disorder defined by abnormal eating habits that negatively affect a person’s physical and/or mental health. Types of eating disorders include binge eating disorder, where people eat a large amount in a short period of time ( see more While self-blame is a cognitive process in which an individual attributes the occurrence of a stressful event to oneself. The direction of blame often has implications for individuals’ emotions and behaviors during and following stressful situations ( From the definition above we know that two of current issues are the effect from negative income from other (social media users).

Often after accepting negative comments people feel underestimated and degraded. Finally they run into the way they feel comfortable with their stress and they can keep their problems without consulting or looking for another way like going out from the house or just talking with our close friend. Instead of looking for a consultant they prefer to trap with comfort zones through eating disorders and self-blaming. Eating disorder doesn’t only affect them physically but also mentally. In extreme cases, they’ve starved themselves, lost their weight but they are not satisfied. They still overthink about those hate comments.

Different case with self-blaming terms. People will blame themselves and ask “why am I born with this body likely and why am I fat, why am I skinny? Those questions always went on their head after a negative comment landed on their post with sensitive sense about body and other irrational standards about women and her beautifulness. 

  1. From this we can ask “does it cause our modern society where everything is offered from our hand (mobile phone)?” If you think so let’s give and appreciate people with polite, proper, and good words because we don’t know what others are going through. You might forget what you typed or commented, but it leaves a scar on their heart. Stop embracing unrealistic standards society made up because everyone is beautiful regardless of their size and condition. Whatever people look we should respect people’s passion and people’s choice to what they want to be and what they dream to.

Author : Izzatul Ilmi.






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