Annual Agenda of ESA

Hi guys! welcome in ESA world..Let’s review about the egsort of ESA (English Student Association) 2020 was be held on November 18, 2020 at Ledok Ombo Campsite Poncokusumo Malang. That was so attractive time.

We had some games while enjoying the beautiful scenery there. The games are: Sentences puzzle, Love chopsticks, Put a nail in the bottle, Head and balloon, Bottle water and Spider Webs. Wow.,.. Did you remind that guys? That was really funtastic, especially for you whose a solid couple. The egsort event demand us to use English. It was very interesting because it explored student’s skill through series activities. We should maintain our English skil right? The Egsort time is eagerly waited its presence because of its fun. We learned by played while drive away boredom. So, what are you waiting for? Please come and join with us..! You will be delighted of the Egsort event next year.


Author: Zainata Iliyyin (3rd English Department Student ).

Editor: team.

Photo: Ahmad Luay (3rd English Department Student)

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