Internet Harmful or Useful?

Who doesn’t know the internet? Of course, we know what internet is. most of people know about that. But, do you know when and what is the function of internet?. According to Wikipedia, the internet is the global system of interconnected computer networks that uses the internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to communicate between networks and devices. From the previous definition, we know that internet is technology which can connect devices with network. Therefore, people use the internet to finish their works like in the offices, schools, and houses. Internet is everywhere and easy to get various information just with notebook or mobile phone. If we connected with internet, It will be easier when you want to get Kinds of your necessary.

We can’t say no, if the internet has many advantages. We can feel the advantages of internet directly. The first, The usage of internet is flexible, which means we can use the internet wherever and whenever. For example, you need to get a map when you visited a place. Then you just need to open the device and connect to the network. As a result, if you connected you will find a road and destination  you want to know. Second, we can get any kind of entertainments through various applications. Application is a tool which can be used to get your needed like a YouTube for watching videos, Play Store for download, and also various online games. But, if you want to get the games application you must download first through Play Store. Third, the internet can be an alternative tool for learning activities. Learning activities such as discussion through video call and through applications like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and WhatsApp group. The materials of your study are available in a Google too that provide many information you want to get.
In the other hand, Internet also has many disadvantages. The first is when you were at the poor signal place, You can’t connect with the internet. So, internet needs a good signal. Second, the internet can be complicated if we don’t understand the usage. Third, there are many untrusted sources. Therefore, you must be careful and choose the best sources for your needs.

Actually, internet is very useful, but it depends on our usage. When we use it properly, we can get the advantages of internet. However it can damage your mind, and also your health if you don’t use it properly. Kids are the target which we must limit their time for using the internet. If we do not, they will be addicted. If someone in an addicted level, they will use the internet many times per day and will not care about something happen around them. The depression cause of the internet can happen too if we feel insecure within. So, I suggested that we must limit our time for using the internet.



Author: Team Developer

Editor: M. Zainurrozoqin


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