Just about television

 Here I will explane about a need that humans may always have in home accessories. I will explain a little bit why so many people buy TV. There are several reasons why people buy TV, one of which is the basic needs of the house itself. because a house does not have a TV, it feels that there is something missing in this part of the house. And we can also use TV to fantasize while watching TV with family.

  The benefit of television itself is that we can get news about the latest information that is happening somewhere. Television also provides us with benefits through a lesson that is broadcast on several media and many more benefits that we can get from this TV.

  The dangers of television itself are probably almost the same as cellphones because television itself emits rays that can make your eyes hurt if you watch TV too long. And television itself often raises several shows that we probably shouldn’t watch, especially now that many televisions only broadcast a love story that might affect the mindset of young children.

  From my own experience, I do feel many benefits when I watch TV, such as watching news or entertainment that we might not be able to get with other objects, but behind that there are also many dangers hidden when we see television, which may also be fatal. Maybe I just suggest to be careful with children who are watching television and I also beg people who broadcast to be able to broadcast what if they can make someone’s mindset be good.

Author: Muhammad Burhanuddin (the 5th semester student of English Department )


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