Everything has to learn  starting from the basic, including learning English. English is quite complicated if the basic of understanding is not realy good, but if you understand correctly, English will feel much easier. So that’s  why, we can study from the basic to reliaze how to learn English. on other hand,  we need some proseses  to learn English because of everything needs proses not learning directly and you can talk like native Speaker . Yeach,  l know that l’m not a native Speaker who speaks  well but at least l can  speak English with my ability and even my own way.

Its  something that  l do everyday to widen my knowledge in making fluent in  English speaking  and l’m going to give you a few tips that you can do for daily activity…. I think there are four or five tips what usually  l do.For me, l think  becoming consistent -really better, you can start with  15/ 20 minute   a day to speak up or listening music , watch Vidio on yuotube, movie etc. There are a fee tips how to learn English well:

  1. Watch videos that actually enjoy for example you watching show in English you can use watch movie, music video klip, YouTubers English or even when you wanna watch how to native speaker talk in English  or something like that. It’s really add your information and improve your sense of speaking. So just enjoy it and you will get what you want
  2. Keep Vocabulary and phrases and record  every single day. After, you  watched video you can get new Vocabulary, after that write it for note in book.
  3. You can try to speak up with your self or you can invite your Friends to get a converciation. Don’t worry with grammar or structure, keep speaking up spontaneously.  when you know grammar although its a little, you can practice what you know .  trying to talk  with other people or you can try to speak up alone if you are still shy but you have to grow your self  confident i believe that  you can do it ….!
  4. You can practice speaking at any time  with anybody who wants to practice the language keep your consistency and insyaAllah you will get shift for this tips. 

    But all of this depend on your hard work. Because, everything depends on our self! We only need building our confidence  and do whatever  it takes , it’s for our own sake and our prayer for God Allah SWT….🤝


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