Traditional Health

Health is the most valuable treasure for us. Even though we have abundant possessions but we are sick, we will not be able to enjoy these treasures. Health itself consists of physical health and mental health. Physical health is when our bodies do not have diseases or injuries due to certain diseases. While mental health is health related to our souls. Mental health is usually related to a person’s mental condition that is disturbed or just fine. There are several things we can do to maintain our physical and mental health. First, exercising, maintaining endurance, and strengthening our immune system so that getting sick is not easy. Second, eat healthy foods to make our bodies not malnourished and stay healthy. The third is sufficient rest to ensure that our bodies are not tired and that our immunity stays stable. Meanwhile, we should refresh our minds by walking or visiting tourist sites to improve our mental wellbeing, so that we don’t get overwhelmed.
Most people are stricken with diseases during this pandemic. Most of them get ill because they are not healthy enough to fend off the incoming virus with their immunity. One of the major reasons is the immune deficiency in warding off this disease because they feel afraid of contracting the disease so that they feel overwhelmed and decrease their immunity in warding off the disease. Chemical medicine is the quickest alternative to the treatment of someone’s condition in this modern age because chemical drugs have a quicker response to pain relief, chemical drugs are much easier to access because they are readily available in pharmacies or other drugstores. Chemical medicines, however, have harmful effects that many people do not realize, such as long-term use, which would make our bodies suffer from new chemicals-induced diseases. Kidney disorders, damage to the liver, and many more are diseases that can be caused by chemical medicines.
Besides chemical drugs, there are herbal medicines which are medicines which if taken in the long term, are safe for human consumption because herbal medicines are made naturally with natural ingredients taken from nature. The herbs that we sometimes encounter are jamu. Jamu is a herbal medicine that is very useful for us so that we are not susceptible to disease in order to maintain health. Besides that, it can also increase immunity by consuming herbal medicine, because there are natural ingredients in herbal medicine that can increase our immune system.
So it can be concluded that for someone health is very important. And that can be achieved by exercising, maintaining a diet, and taking medication or vitamins to improve the health of our bodies. Herbal medicine is one of the natural medicines that we must consume and without any adverse side effects, herbal medicine has had good properties since time immemorial. Jamu is a herbal medicine that does not cause dangerous side effects such as chemical drugs that are widely consumed today. So start taking herbs for our health and reduce chemical drugs.

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