For young people, schooling is a must to make it easier for them to reach their goals. There are several educational styles we can introduce in this modern age, one of which is homeschooling. Homeschooling is a learning approach that is carried out at home, not at school, where our parents or superiors are the teachers. There are the rewards and excellence of the village in homeschooling. Some of the benefits and drawbacks of homeschooling are shown below.

The advantage of first homeschooling is that it makes it easier for parents to supervise children’s interactions, because parents can control their children to hang out with anyone, thereby reducing the risk of children making wrong interactions. Secondly, learning will be more optimal and effective because students will focus more on learning and the teacher can determine the learning model that suits the child’s wishes so that he does not feel bored and can be comfortable with the learning model he is following. The three children will get adequate rest after they learn. It’s different from studying at school because sometimes after a day of schooling at home they are also required to study because they have homework to complete. Fourth, avoid promiscuity, because parents can supervise children in choosing a playmate. Fifth, parents can maximize or see the potential of their children from an early age, without having to follow the rules set in public schools.

The disadvantage of homeschooling is that the first child will be less reliable with peers. where when studying at school they can easily be counted with peers because many friends can be invited to play during recess. Second, the child will materialize from a bad social environment so that he will not be ready to deal with and uncertainty in the community environment. Third, the child will have difficulty working with teams, organizations, and leadership because he or she is accustomed to learning alone and only accompanied by parents or a teacher.

It can be inferred from the analysis above that homeschooling has a good positive effect on the education and growth of children since they are accompanied directly by their parents. But it also has a detrimental effect on the social growth of children in approaching the future culture, engaging with peers of the same age, and working in teams together.

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