Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet

Internet is a global wide area network that connects computer systems around the world. Currently, the internet is one of the sites or things that are most popular and often used by people in the world because the internet provides many things that are needed by humans such as information, education, advertising, entertainment and there are many things we can do. . searching through the internet besides the internet also contains several drawbacks and the following advantages are the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.

Internet excellence. we always know the latest research sources and know the latest information and trends on the internet, we can communicate easily with other internet users. We can communicate well without having to meet face to face, the internet provides a lot of entertainment such as games, videos, movies, etc., the internet makes it easy for you to do activities such as shopping. You can buy whatever you want and need without leaving your home.

But on the other hand. And internet also has several weaknesses that can be called the negative side of the internet for its users. waste of time. Many people just sit at a computer or cellphone to use the internet. They neglect their health and those around them. This will have an impact on their health such as obesity and insensitivity to the environment, the internet is a dangerous place for children because they can access anything without any restrictions. So, parents must provide extra supervision to their children. So they don’t see websites they shouldn’t, the internet is making users wasteful because they can buy anything on the internet without thinking. In this activity, they use credit cards as a substitute for cash to buy what they want whenever we want whenever and wherever.
And the internet has advantages and disadvantages depending on the user. The internet makes life easier but we also have to be wise in using the internet. So we are not addicted to the internet. must be able to measure how much we need from the internet. still have to know the state and our level to use the internet.
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