Homeschooling is a model of education or learning activities that are carried out outside the school area, either as a colleague or family or community where homeschooling itself is carried out. Another term that refers to homeschooling is home education, home-based learning, or independent schooling. Homeschooling is carried out in accordance with the abilities, needs, and potential of the students themselves. Many people define and define homeschooling, while according to Kak Seto Mulyadi as the Chairperson of the National Commission for Children, the emergence of homeschooling as an alternative needs to be proven successful as a competition appeal process through the non-formal system.
Homeschooling is usually designed in such a way so that children feel happy, comfortable, and feel free from learning so that they can achieve optimal results.
The following are some of the Pros of Home Schooling:
• Give more independence and individual creativity and not classical learning.
• Providing opportunities to achieve individual competence as much as possible, so that it does not always have to be limited to comparing it with the highest, average, or even low ability.
• Protected from outside relationships that deviate from good morals, and also in terms of food is more preserved and guarantees vitamins and nutrients.
• Helping children develop to understand themselves and their roles in the real world with freedom of opinion, rejecting or agreeing on certain values ​​without having to feel afraid of being criticized by friends or having low values.
• More opportunities for individual independence and creativity that are not found in the general school model.
• Maximizing children’s potential from an early age, without having to follow the standard time set at school.
• Are more ready to engage in the real world because the learning process is based on daily activities around them.
• Students also further develop their talents.
• Ability to get along with parents and of different ages.
• The cost of education can adjust to the circumstances of the parents.
Apart from the advantages or advantages of homeschooling, the following are the disadvantages of homeschooling, namely:
• Children who learn to homeschool do not interact with many friends of the same age or peers from various social statuses which can provide experiences for living in society.
• School is a unique place of learning that can train children and compete in achieving the highest ability and success.
• Homeschooling also affects individual development.
• Homeschooling is also likely to make children less prepared to face mistakes and uncertainties in the social environment. It can also be called socializing in the outside world.
• Very Need also high involvement from parents.
• Socialization for age is relatively low because homeschooling is more relevant for cross-age socialization, while school children are more relevant for age-old socialization.
• There is a lack of ability to work in teams, organizations, and leadership.
• Children also do not get adequate facilities like formal schools in general.
• Parental protection can have a side effect of being unable to resolve unpredictable or unexpected social situations and problems.

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