Did you know that our body is like a machine? The health of the human body is when the body is in perfect working condition. Because our body has interrelated components, and if one hurts, then all the other parts will sense it too. So we must maintain our health by exercising daily, maintaining a healthy diet, and getting sufficient rest.
can people get sick? Of course, Because it is not always possible for our bodies to perform perfectly everyday activities. When the engine breaks down, then we should fix it. Just like our bodies, when we’re sick we usually go to doctors. There we would have been given some sort of capsule or tablet chemical. if we want to be healthy have we to consume a chemical? No, because chemicals can’t be consumed constantly because they are not good for our health. There’s a traditional remedy that is better than chemicals medicine. besides, herbal remedies are equally popular, and many use them. The benefits of traditional medicine are widely recognized. Besides, these organic supplements contain fewer chemicals and are less likely to cause irritation and allergies. For example, if our bodies are in pain we go to the masseuse. Massage is a method of healing or traditional health therapy, putting stress on the body. It may give relaxation, comfort, and fitness.
After a massage, it is usually recommended to drink herbs. Herbal remedies are the names of traditional medicines from Indonesia. Herbs are made from natural ingredients, consisting of parts of plants such as roots, fruits, and so forth. So when we are sick we can drink herbs, as they are already safe for health and safe for daily consumption. So it can be concluded that health is very important for someone. Herbal medicine is one of the natural medicines that we can consume because herbal medicine has good benefits without any harmful side effects.

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