Inauguration of English Student Assosiation 2021/2022 Period : Unstopable Step Forward

  1. “The key to organizational success is: Iman (faith), Ilmu (science), Institution, and Imam (leader).

These four things are very important it. So, keep these four things for your organization’s success. I think, the inauguration of department of English Student Association ( E.S.A) in IAI Al-QOLAM is the first step towards success above. I am sure, all of you have taken those four things about the succsess of an organization and this is a good first step with the election of new leaders. Zainal Arifin as Chairman of the Student Association of the English Student Association ( E.S.A) 2021- 2021 period .” The speech from the dean of tarbiyah faculty IAI Alqolam Mr. Muhammad Masykur Baiquni.

The inauguration of the management of the English Department Association was the first step in changes from the Covid 19 outbreak because during this outbreak lasted all stopped activities including. Therefore the previous management held (show) an inauguration of the management of the English Student Association (ESA) on February 23rd, 2021 with the theme *To make something special, we just have to beliave It special*. So, this event is the first step of a good change to maintain the activities carried out by the ESA. The event was attended by all English lecturers, Dean, seniors, the representative from SEMA (Senat Mahasiswa) and DEMA (Dewan Mahasiswa) and l did not forget all students English department.

Simple show but has great benefits with the election of new leaders with new experience and knowledge. Congratulation to Zainal Arifin and all the members of ESA period 2021- 2022 that you have choosen as new organizer on board . Hopefully, you could create any new innovation for better ESA and could find any solutions when any problem appears. So, Keep goin on guys. we absolutely count on you guys.



Author : Fatimatuz Zahro (English Department 6th semester student)


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