advantages and disadvantages of social media

At least, everyone has one social media account in this era. it shows how important social media is in the life of modern society. hence, it is not wrong if we think that social media is part of our life. However, Everything in this world must have advantages and disadvantages, because perfection belongs only to our god. Therefore, a user of social media has to be able to use it well and wisely. Therefore, I will explain some advantages and disadvantages of social media.


Social media has some advantages such as Communication, Connectivity, searching information, and education. In communication and connectivity, Social media helps us to communicate more easily with other people. Regardless of location, wherever you are we can easily be connected with other people. As we can see, social media has various communication features, such as an online chat feature or even a Video Call feature. You have a much more comfortable and much better way to connect with other people using this feature. The other one, social media can also be used for free. then, Social Media can be used for searching and get information faster and easier. For the most part, posting on a social media platform is shorter than a website or blog. Meaning, social media is more direct-to-the-point, you can easily understand it by only reading it once. Besides, if the media used on social media to share information is video. This will give you information that is easier to understand. You as a social media user can also use this advantage to share useful information with others. and the best advantage from social media, we can learn various things, one of which is education. Currently, many schools and educational institutions provide their services using social media. You can use it to communicate directly with your teachers and peers. You can learn what you do in class. Moreover, you can also use this method anywhere, provided you have an internet connection.


However, just like anything else in this world, that everything always has advantages and disadvantages. So that social media as well. Here I will describe some of the disadvantages of social media according to my understanding. The first thing that happens most often is hoaxes on social media. The feature that is easy to share also allows irresponsible parties to share false or hoax information. Some of them even do that consciously to create chaos and even damage others. The bad thing is, this kind of information can easily and quickly spread. Most social media users find it easier to believe what they read on social media. Without proper comparison, check and find out the truth. then social media makes us in addiction and dependent.  because there are so many advantages, convenience, and comfort in communicating, searching for information, and having fun with social media, many people have become too dependent on social media. The result is social media addiction. It feels like if you are not online or don’t see what’s going on social media for even an hour, something is missing in your life. Many people experience this condition. They even admit that they cannot live without social media, so social media causes us to be less social in real life.

from the review above we can understand that social media can be useful for us if we can use social media in positive ways such as in the education process, online business, and others. but if we can’t use social media properly it will harmful to us. Because in social media many negative things can damage our mindset and some websites are not good for us. therefore, we as a good human, we must be able to use social media properly and wisely

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