Violence Punishment


Hello everyone, welcome back with me Ifatun Nisak from fifth semester English Education Department Islamic institute Al Qolam Malang.  On  this occasion I will write a little of my opinion about “violence punishment “ to fulfil my writing task . So, check it out.


In every institution there are rules that must be obeyed. Actually, the rules were made to make us even more disciplined. However, sometimes some people do not obey the rules. Therefore, they have to bear the consequences namely they must get the punishment that must be accepted. The consequences can be learning or violence punishment . On this occasion I will share my opinion on the violence punishment. As we know, violent punishment has both advantages and disadvantages. Strengths and weaknesses of violent punishment as follows :


First, there are some parents who do not accept that their child is punished by violence. When their children get punished for violence. Then, they will report this incident to the police as a form of human rights. Second, it will cause bruises. The effect of violent punishment is bruising. This will make children feel less sick with the violent punishment. In fact, sometimes children fall ill from the effects of punishment cruel like wounds on several parts of their bodies.Third, trauma. Children will feel excessively traumatized by the effects of violent punishment. They are afraid to return to the institution because they remember the violent punishment they have endured. Fourth, a bad point of view. Violent punishment will create a bad perspective in the environment around the institution. Society will think that the institution is too strict and harsh on its students. As a result, the child will find it difficult and less enjoy the learning process in class. When children do not enjoy the learning process in class, they will not receive knowledge well .


In addition, violent punishment has the power to make children a better person than before. First, motivation. Violence punishment can motivate children not to repeat the same mistakes and become better people and obey the rules. In addition, other children will also be motivated not to break the rules because they know what will happen if they break the rules. Second, discipline. Violence punishments will make children more disciplined than before. Moreover, other children will feel afraid and more disciplined. So, the children will obey and not break the rules. Third, understand. As we know, rules are made to make children better. When children break the rules, they get punishment for violence. Someday, they will understand why the institute board makes rules and know the advantages of these rules. Sometimes the benefits of regulation can not be felt right away but can be felt at a later date the benefits. Fourth, shame.Violent punishment will make children feel very embarrassed because others will find out if they are not following the rules. This shame will affect them well into the future because violent punishment will make us realize they will feel the consequences of everything they do. Fifth, responsibility. Violent punishment lets children know that they are held accountable for everything they do. It will be useful for them in the future because they will be more careful in doing something. They will think about the impact of what will happen. Sixth, lessons. Violence punishment teaches children a lesson because they will know that they can not  do anything on their own. So, they can control themselves and do not do anything that will harm themselves.


From all these explanations, we can tell if violent punishment has strengths and weaknesses. But, in fact in the current era it will be difficult to practice violent punishment in institutions because they will be related to human rights. This is different from the past era . Where violent punishment becomes a force to make people better and useful in the future. In essence, I think we can still carry out the punishment by force but based on the situation. if we find new students not obeying the rules, we should not punish them with violence because they are still in the process of adapting to their new environment. But, if it is the old students who break the rules we can use violent punishment to give them a sense of deterrence. Where they already know the environment and regulations in their institution. I think that is all. thank you very much for your attention to have read my writing on this topic until the end.  see you in next time and Have a nice day….

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