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Hello guys, welcome back in official website English Student Association of Islamic Institut Al-Qolam Malang. Now, I want to write my task about Trash. we know the word ‘Trash’ is familiar in all of us. So here I will explain more details how the problem is about it. Check it out!
Trash is an invaluable or worthless object that is around the community. But it can be reprocessed into useful goods for people who want to manage it. In Indonesia we can see trash everywhere especially in urban areas and be a big problem for every country including the Indonesian environment. Trash in our environment is a very serious problem and also a social, economic and cultural problem. Almost in all cities in Indonesia experienced constraints in processing trash. Trash is piled up due to lack of land for the last place so that peoples dispose of trash even throw the trash in the rivers, sewers, and seas. An environment polluted by trash are scattered everywhere will become dirty, shabby, and smelly. Then, cause disease. thus causing serious problems in environmental problems in Indonesia. I see most of the trash in the river and the ditch. Lack of awareness of people who throw trash in there make water overflowing and there is a flood when it rains. And all the trash was not supposed there. The trash can be discarded in its place by sorting out the trash in the place of trash. Green garbage for organic trash like leaves And leftovers, yellow garbage for inorganic trash like plastic, and red garbage for harmful trash like chemical water and etc.
Ok guys, now I will explain the effect of trash to the environment. Firstly, the effect of trash to the environment is water contamination or water pollution. Water contamination may occur when the waste is discarded to the river and often occur in areas that can not be reached by the cleaning team as in remote areas. In addition to contaminate the river, waste disposal or trash can also inhibit the groundwater process. Secondly, trash can also contaminate the ground and make it unhealthy. Trash burning can damage the soil itself if done continuously. Not only brings the effect of trash to the environment, but also brings the effect of trash to the health. Firstly, Trash pollution and dirty environment can bring bad impact on health. For example, garbage pollution may result in an increase in various digestive tract infections, so on. It is because with the accumulated trash without being thrown away properly, disease carrying animals such as flies will become more numerous and of course it is not only bad impact of a dirty environment and pollution on humans, but also effect of trash to the health. Secondly, another effect of trash for the health that we must provide namely the respiratory disorders. The trash if stacked continuously will rotten and cause a bad smell, so that this smell that causes respiratory disorders. Thirdly, infectious diseases. Carelessly discarded trash will be easily touched people. When people contact with garbage, bacteria, germs or parasites will move to the body, causing in various diseases. Next, the effect of trash to the beauty of nature and to our ecosystem is that natural beauty will be polluted by trash, especially plastic trash which is not easily to biodegradable in the sea which will damage the living ecosystem in our envirronment.
I will tell the solution and recommendations to tackle the problem of trash. First, we can recycle the trash. We can recycle the trash by way of cultivating into useful materials such as plastic trash for making ornaments, wallets, bags, or other valuables. Second, put the trash in the trash place. This is likely trivial for us all, but little people is doing the action. Do not forget to separate the trash into organic and inorganic trash place before throwing it, to make the trash easier for the recycling process. Third, bring your own shopping bag and cutlery. It can reduce plastic usage. Plastic itself is a material that is very difficult to decompose and can contaminate water and soil quality. Fourth, make compost from trash. It is directly breaks down the trash into useful fertilizer. And then how we can manage the trash of our kitchen house? Firstly, separating dry and wet trash. So that it is easy to decompose. Secondly, we can make compost the trash of our kitchen house. The rest of the kitchen trash can be used to make fertilizers, which we can use to treat plants around our homes. Thirdly, replant leftovers from our kitchen trash. That way we can use it when it grows and we can save our money without having to buy the materials that we have planted. Fourthly, make kitchen trash that can be used for kitchen decoration. Such as used syrup bottles can be used to make flower vases for decoration in our kitchen to make it more beautiful.
What should goverment do? Well, government has an important role in overcoming the trash problem. First, the government is limiting and reduces plastic trash. We have known many schools that have implemented Adiwiyata school based that will minimize the trash. Second, recycling the trash. We can know that the government usually holds the national racer about recycling. Whether rubbish becomes a fuel of vehicles or becoming a value that is expensive. Third, Providing services and technology to tackle the trash. Services such as trash banks that provide in each area, and etc.

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