The Importance of Mastering Grammar for English Learners

Formal instruction on grammatical principles is frequently ignored by the modern educational system. Some teachers also claim that the strong emphasis of standardized tests on grammar is unjustified and stressful for students. However, the requirements must be interpreted by students in a language to understand grammar, because students are able to communicate easily, have faith, and learn a second language by mastering grammar.

Basically, communication proficiency requires comprehension and application of grammar and the use of the language’s proper vocabulary to express meaning in socially appropriate way. For example, during a thesis or thesis trial, for instance, we will face advisor and examiner. The lecturers would therefore be impressed and proud if we have strong communication skills.

In addition to good communication, we will have strong self-confidence. When students master grammar, they will have the courage to express themselves clearly. This is why grammar is such a difficult subject for many pupils. However, these obstacles have significant advantages. As overcoming challenges will increase the students’ trust in themselves.

Then, we implicitly learn a second language by mastering grammar. Since, we would have trouble learning a second language if we do not understand grammar in a language, or we term it as foreign language in Indonesia. As we know, every language has its own grammar rules. So, at least in our first language, we must have a grammar base, so that we can learn or understand grammar in the second or foreign language.


Author : Zainul Roziqin

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