Junk or Fast Food?

What is on your mind when you hear Junk Food? What is junk food? Why do people state that junk food is dangerous for our health? And why even though junk food danger for our body. people tend to choose Junk Food? According to Wikipedia Junk Food is a term for food containing high levels of calories from sugar and/ or fat with less protein, vitamins or minerals. From the definition, we can conclude that is why Junk Food is dangerous to consume regularly because of less of important nutrition for our body. In addition, Junk Food also called as a food trash. It means that what is the inside of Junk Food is unimportant for our health. When Junk Foods touch our tongue taste delicious but further the effect cannot be directly seen in short period. Junk Food is rich of cholesterol, sugar, calories and more. Instead of eating the dangerous food like Junk Food, we have to avoid that.

The millennial tends to choose Junk Food because of its fastest process and serve. It doesn’t take a long time to serve. Most important, Junk Food has become very accessible now, more than ever. With one of numerous food delivery apps, they can get Junk Food with a single click. Hamburger, Hot dog, Sandwich, Pizza and so forth are kinds of Junk Food. The main characteristic of Junk food is getting energy levels instantly. The regular habit in our society is to delay the breakfast hour. In the morning workers don’t have time to breakfast so, they think if they eat Junk Food will make them full than eat rice.

All of things in this world have the advantages and disadvantages include Junk Food. First thing that we would like to discuss is the advantages of Junk Food. Actually, the advantages of Junk Food are depend on the consumer and they needs. For example, if we have a moment or agenda like meeting, wedding, or other agenda we can serve Junk Food. The minimum process is needed for our important moment. The laziness which can come anytime might be the reasonable way to choose Junk Food. But, keep paying attention that “how often we consume Junk Food?” so serve it properly in your daily need.

In the other hand, Junk Food also has a disadvantages. In this prologue I’ve mentioned that Junk Food can cause many diseases because it’s component which rich of sugar and oil. Consequently, Junk Food that have 1000 calories or more can easily make you gain weight, which increases your chances of developing clogged arteries and high blood pressure. Several diseases cause of eating a lot of Junk Food are:
· Stomach related problem.
· Weakness and fatigue
· Tension
· Heart disease
· Bad effect on the brain (our memory starts weakening).
Those diseases can be felt recently but later can be known after our body get getting weak and it is going to be serious problem in the following time. Let’s take a chance to live better with consuming healthy food such as vegetables, fruits, and homemade meal. It is better than we just consume Junk Food all day. We must aware that our health is important. If, we are healthy automatically we can feel happy and always have super power to get through the days. One of researcher said that people who always happy are people who wise to choose what they eat and keep their healthy body by avoiding dangerous foods. Another researcher argued that we are what you eat. It means we become what we have eaten before. If we look so fat ask yourself “what foods do i eat every day? Do I eat healthy food enough?” let’s think about it again and decide what will you do after you get sick cause of consuming unhealthy food?

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