tips for building friendships in a new environment:

Are you shy, and find it difficult to build friendships.
Consider the following tips to make you more confident in building friendships in a new environment.

Here are tips for building friendships in a new environment:

1. Be confident, calm down, inhale and think positively to try to start a conversation early.
2. Look for new trends to start a conversation. if you don’t find it. So, try to ask about them.
3. Do not ask questions whose answer is inactive such as Yes or no. Try to make open-ended questions so that they tell about their activity like how …
4. After you have had a good conversation. you have to be a good listener not only be a listener but you have to focus more on them.
5. Use body language that shows how you interact with them. in addition, you should use eye contact to make your body language more meaningful.
6. try to frequently interact with other people. When you often interact with people, you will be confident and not feel nervous or insecure in front of new people in a new environment.

Every environment there are new people. New people give new experiences.
Try to make friends, share everything with each other and be meaningful. Hope it is useful😉.

 Thank you

Ifatun Nisak

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