How do cigarettes affect the body?

In this days, we can easily find people who smoke around us whether it is regular cigarettes or e-cigarettes. But do you know what cigaretta is? A cigarette is a narrow cylinder containing a psychoactive substance, usually tobacco, which is rolled into thin paper for smoking. Most cigarettes contain a “reconstituted tobacco” product known as a “sheet”, which is made up of a “stickrecycled [tobacco] sticks, scraps, leftovers, and floor cleaners, to which glue, chemicals, and fillers are added. The product is then sprayed with nicotine extracted from tobacco residue, and formed into curls.
The use of cigarettes is less in developed countries but different in developing countries from year to year the more the use of cigarettes is also made.
Cigarette has so many disadvantages but not just it cigarette has advantage also to the body.
the following advantage and disadvantage from cigarettes.
Advantages of smoking. First, peer group acceptance if peers smoke. Said the smokers if they become smokers they can also be accepted in their environment. No difference. They can become a unity in diversity. When they are accepted they can make good relationships with friendsother.
Second, effective weight loss aid. With smoking they can reduce the risk of obesity.
Third, increased performance in tasks that require. The more tasks they have, they can finish all the cigarettes too. Because these cigarettes can accompany smokers in carrying out their tasks.
Fourth, concentration. With this cigarette smokers get good concentration in doing their job and this will have an impact on the final result of the task.
Fifth, relieve stress. The smokers believe that while using cigarettes they can relieve the stress they have.
Sixth, some smokers really enjoy the taste. This is an excuse that is often cited by smokers. That is why smokers love cigarettes so much.
They like the taste. But, I think one of these cigarette formulas has nicotine. So, they can get addicted to this cigarette because of its nicotine content.
The disadvantage of smoking are much more.
First, cigarette smoke causes several diseases such as cancer it can be Lung Cancer, Throat Cancer,Oral Cancer,
and Many other cancers due to tobacco use
Second, asthma. Cigarette smoke can make smokers get asthma as well as interfere with breathing.
Third, decreased lung function. Smokers will lose their lung function due to smoking.
Fourth, decreased acceptance by non-smoker colleagues. We know that smoking has a lot of bad effects and some people don’t like people using cigarettes, especially in public places because it will also affect passive smoking.
Five, The smell of smoke left on the body and clothes. Cigarette smoke produces an unpleasant odor and will disturb some people around smokers.
Six, reduced ability to exercise due to inability to breathe. Smokers will have less ability to breathe if they are constantly smoking.
In essence, cigarette smoke has advantages and disadvantages. But it turns out that cigarette smoke has more disadvantages than just advantages. So, I hope that if you want to smoke, avoid public places because it will disturb others. Maybe cigarettes have some advantages but it must be remembered that cigarettes have more disadvantages. better avoid used cigarettes to maintain our health and others.
thank you
Ifatun Nisak

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