3 Ideas to learn English for lazy Beginners


I want to enjoy studying English like when I enjoy watching movies/listening to music/playing games/ having free time outside. Can I get an enjoyful way in studying English without feeling stressful, while I am so lazy to read books? Well, You can. Try these ways to boost your mood in learning English.Through these ways you can enjoyfully learning English at anytime, anywhere.

1.“Get the words from what you see”. It is quite simple. If you are null at English, try to get some of english vocabularies from anything surround you. Set your brain to understand anything in english words. Of course at first, you need dictionary. E-dictionary with enable speaker sounds great to help. Remember, do not try to memorize english word or translate it from your mother tongue. You just need your eyes and brain work collaboratively. ( Eg: everytime you see your mom and dad or cat and ball, let your brain say”mom”, “dad”, “cat”, “ball” and so on.Pretend yourself like a child who is learning speaking (words).Practice everyday!

2.“Correct pronounciation and learn expression from english movies/songs”. Youtube can be a good option. For beginners, listen to some of simple conversation from cartoon or simple english daily conversation videos, or else. Listen and repeat. Again and again.Be consistent!

3.“Find a supportive partner”.They can be english learners or even yourself.How can I talk to my self? Well, try to practice“role play” with your self while you’re alone . Pretend that you are as A then as B. Or say “hello, how are you?”..bla bla etc when you’re in front of mirror.The more you practice the more you understand. Always motivate yourself, be the best friend and motivator for your self!

Those all are pleasant and effective ways to learn English for a beginner. No books No memorizing.Just enjoy every moment you have.If you have other opinios and experiences. Please , share them with me by leaving your comments.


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